Georges St-Pierre Walks Away From MMA, But Are We Surprised?


Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre has walked away from fighting, vacating his long held title and leaving Johny Hendricks or Robbie Lawler to decide the next WW king. The news came as part of last night’s UFC conference call with the troubled Canadian.

The news has dominated the airwaves, and with good cause; GSP has long been considered the best Welterweight of all time and one of the best fighters ever, but is it really that surprising that he is walking away from the sport?

The reasoning behind St-Pierre’s decision to vacate the title is the need to repair himself mentally, but I think it s more than that. He said that he was physically 0, but I think the fight against Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz and Johny Hendricks proved that the champion has been far from tip-top for a while now.

GSP is undefeated in six years and 12 fights, his record speaks for itself. Injuries have plagued the former boss in recent times, only allowing him to compete four times in the last three years. In my opinion, St-Pierre hasn’t been the same since he fought Dan Hardy and Josh Koscheck back in 2010.

It should come as no surprise that the former champ is taking a leave of absence, especially when you consider that Condit and Hendricks were both close to finishing him in their attempts at the belt. If it really is St-Pierre’s mental state that is causing his sub par performances, then he should walk away from the sport.

UFC President Dana White said it best: “you have to be 100% physically, mentally and emotionally”-combat sports require such a high level of concentration and ability to perform under pressure, so why would he stay to fight yet another hungry contender?

The truth is I like it better this way. St-Pierre will have to come back as a contender, and that might be the only way that we ever see him at his best again. In a cruel twist of fate, it is the very title that made him a legend that has began to break him.

With a new champ, GSP would have to fight for prominence in a talent heavy pool. Perhaps it would be better for GSP to go out on a loss in the twilight of his career without losing his title in dramatic fashion. Either that or he comes back stronger and more passionate than ever and goes out on top, again. Whatever the case, I salute you GSP, you scary French robot man.

  • I don't want to be picky but I think he won't walk away from MMA – he will walk away from competition. He will still be involved in the gym and teaching. I suspect we will see him in McDonald's corner.

    It is hard to do something difficult after you thought you would be done (running or fighting etc). GSP thought he would be done and Rory would be in the title fight by now. It didn't work out the way they planned.

    • " I suspect we will see him in McDonald's corner."
      Maybe Burger King's also.

      • I'm turning into a fat **** since the first thing that came into my mind was the burger chain and not the fighter….

  • He hasn't been in top shape ? He dominated Condit safe for that head kick, he dominated Diaz, only Hendricks came very close to beating him.

    Funny how people always blame the champ, as if he was the one with the bad performances because he didn't dominate. Perhaps he was the best he could be but the other fighters were simply able to match him

  • GSP needed a break.

    I mean dispite what internet mma fans THINK. if you go to a mmafest or UFC event, you see how GSP stays in shape year round. Between fights he doesn't even drink.

    Its always 3 months in one camp, 2 weeks off, then right back into this next fight. Pressers, videos, sponsors, events. It's not like other sports where theres a off season. It's also not like prize boxing fights where it's unheard of to see a guy fight every 3-4 months. He's also one of the guys who is polite to fans ALL the time.

    Anybody met Randy Couture? Ya, you learn really fast the tv version of him isn't like the real person when it comes to fans.

    The point is, he's on 24/7. He's go no family. He's not married and has no kids and he's nearly middle aged. His whole youth has been spent on this ONE thing. He's held it longer then nearly anybody.

    its not a secret, Anderson and GSP would burn out. They've been champs longer then most people hold jobs at any 1 company. Let along being the top guy.

  • Thought the baldfather said the announcement was not going to be " anything crazy" Another example of Dana telling another untruth and being way off with stuff. Also since when do guys get a shot at a title coming off a loss? # Diaz #Hendricks

    • Im happy with Lawler getting a shot though, also on a win streak. He's really gaining momentum in the UFC.

  • Also, to be fair he dominated Condit and Diaz – Only tough fight was Hendricks.

  • Everyone's gonna love saying they saw it coming and it's not really a surprise but guess what the greatest welterweight to EVER step foot in the octagon just technically retired. If there hadn't been this huge buildup and if Kristof Midoux hadn't said anything it would be a whole different ballgame and we all know it.

  • The way I see it they could had done and interim title fight…Im not saying that it would be okay to put the belt on hold while Georges deal with his problems,things gotta keep rolling like everything else in life but Cruz hasn't fought in 2 effing years! Dana probably told Georges that he needed to give up the belt if he wanted a break,as always is Dana's way or the highway! Plus having an interim champ makes things exciting as well,like Barao saying that he's the true champ… they woulda needed to take into account how much time he needed to take off,until next fall? Im not saying more than year,we gotta be realistic here but it could had be done,who knows what happened behind closed doors..Baby Hitler wins again!

    • I think Georges really needs to vacate his title if he wants a "real" mental break. Being the champ is mentally hard, even if you don't step into the octagon.