Georges St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz Head to Head: Who will leave UFC 158 victorious?


There’s a couple things I have to address before we get started here.

First of all, this is by far the most complicated, difficult, fascinating, complex and yet extremely fun fight that I’ve ever had to write a “head to head” article for, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Second of all, the opinions on this fight and both of these individual fighters range soo dynamically across such a vast spectrum that I guarantee most of you are going to disagree with my assessement.

But you know what? To each their own, all I can do is try to look at the fight from a completely fair and neutral point of view, allowing both fighters a clean slate to convince me that they have a chance at winning.

I’d also like to note that this fight is soo complex that I’m going to have to introduce a new category or two in order to properly analyze each fighter and their unique advantages.

With all that out of the way let’s get this thing started.

Striking: 50 – 50

Oh boy, I’m gonna get torn apart for this one I can already feel it.

First off let me explain that this category is not called “Punching” or “Boxing” it is called “Striking”. Therefore I must judge each fighter based on their proficiency at striking with all 4 limbs and all 8 potential points of attack in all areas of the fight and on the mat.

With that said, many believe that Diaz is one of the best boxers in MMA, while I’m on the fence regarding the accuracy of that statement I will say that he is very unorthodox, which in turn has proven to be very effective. Georges on the other hand is very much by the book. He’s got all the basics down real well and has a very solid boxing game.

At the end of the day Georges utilizes a slightly more dynamic striking offense using more knees, elbows and kicks than his opponent does on average. I also believe that training for a few years with Freddie Roach holds some serious weight in the boxing world, which I’m convinced will translate to GSP being a pretty solid boxer at the very worst. Overall Georges has the stronger, better and faster jab, which could prove to be a significant weapon in the fight.

But aside from those attributes, Diaz is the one who has the much higher output and volume of strikes, stringing together more proficient and effective combinations while also maintaining a more dynamic boxing game in terms of transitioning from the body to the head and varying his targets.

With that said, I personally believe that both fighters are proficient strikers, but each individual does a few unique things better than the other in certain aspects within the entire field of striking.

I therefore cannot in good faith give either fighter a distinct advantage in this area. So deal with it.

Jiu-Jitsu: 60 – 40 Diaz

Just like striking, this category is extremely difficult to breakdown, but I’m going to try my best. First off, good Jiu-Jitsu isn’t simply about submissions or even defense against submissions, it’s about positioning, control and timing.

In the latter Georges takes the cake. St. Pierre has some of the absolute best top control and Jiu-jitsu positioning in mixed martial arts history. Some of his success in this area can be attributed to an amalgamation of wrestling techniques within his jiu-jitsu, but it is still effective all the same.

Georges overall ground game is very good, his submission defense in particular is great, as is his offense. In fact both may even be better than we realize because of how often Georges has choosen to remain in an advantageous position and do damage rather than attempt any submissions.

Georges has also only ever been submitted once early in his career by Matt Hughes. With that said I have no doubt in my mind that should Georges land a takedown, he would dominate anyone on the ground positionally including Nick Diaz. Passing guard, keeping control and staying out of danger in the process.

Nick Diaz on the other hand requires no compliments when discussing his grappling skills on the mat. Next to Demian Maia, he is by far the most dangerous jiu-jitsu practitioner in the Welterweight division by far. Diaz is both very slick and very quick when put in any situation on the mat.

His transitions between submissions are elite as well as his ability to quickly take advantage of errors or guard passing attempts. Diaz is amazing at generating opportunities and making holes to fit his limbs into and force you to rethink your course of action.
With all of that said, both fighters are amazing at the discipline but I give a slight advantage in pure Jiu-jitsu to Nick.

Wrestling: 80-20 GSP

There is no surprise here, this section is going to be real short. And oddly enough this is probably one of the largest margins I’ve ever given between two fighters before.

Georges is the best functional MMA wrestler in the UFC, and Diaz is notoriously bad at wrestling. I’m sure he has some decent takedown defense due to experience alone, but neglects training in the discipline and doesn’t seem to see much need for it in the cage, which is why you can expect to see Diaz on his back on multiple occasions within this fight. Georges is just simply on another level when it comes to wrestling, and that’s undeniable.

Strategy/Gameplan: 90-10 GSP

I felt this category was necessary for the simple fact that, it could potentially be the one element that decides the outcome of the entire fight.

Diaz isn’t what I would call an intelligent fighter, and I don’t mean the IQ kind of intelligence either. But he is extremely resilient, super durable has an insane pace and work ethic, not to mention a ton of heart and great fight instincts.

Georges on the other hand is a tactician in it’s purest form. The man is the brawlers worst nightmare, simply because this is a guy that knows his opponent better than he knows himself and plans accordingly.

If you think you’re hands are superior, he’ll strike with you just long enough to put you on your back when you find your rhythm. And if you think you’re an ace on the ground, well then he’ll take you down, land a few strikes and either get up or change position before you have an opportunity to set anything up.

The man is a fight genius and has even admitted to the fans and media that he isn’t physically better or more talented than any other fighter in his division. He wins with his mind, using solid strategy and efficiency with the power of his brain. And that my friends, is fascinating.


Both fighters are in great physical condition, have cardio for days and a ton of heart. While it’s kind of impossible to know for sure, I think Diaz may have the better chin, although he isn’t a heavy hitter by any means either.

Regardless I don’t think any of that will matter, because with all of those advantages listed above, I expect Georges to put the pace in cruise control and fight a dominant 25mins en route to a unanimous decision.

Let us know your scores below! How do you see the fight? Give us your breakdown.

  • The intelligence think is a pure insult to Nick Diaz skill.Watch his fights homie!I like both fighters but i hope Diaz submits GSP. Just to shut up al this disrespectful campaign against him.War Diaz!

    • It is an insult but how can you defend it saying watch his fights? Nick is a great fighter but NEVER fights intelligently – he could have easily taken down and subbed Daley but he traded with him and took a lot of risk, couldn't change his style to beat Condit, ate Cyborg's leg kicks instead of checking them or using them for a takedown and there is more examples.

      • Glad someone is thinking logically. Because apparently we've got 24 people who agree with complete BS.

        • Complete BS? We`ve got 24 people that agree Diaz is fighting intelligently.Why?Just search on Googl : Joe Rogan about Nick Diaz and you guys you will see why, and your eyes will be opened lol

  • i think your right on with your assessement. gsp is a way more rounded fighter but diaz has a better chin i like both fighters but gsp will win hands down. now the gsp haters will come out go fellow cunuck. we know who and why they hate him i just won't say it

  • Striking: 50 – 50 and Jiu Jitsu only 60 – 40 Diaz? Yeah right. It's more like striking: 70 – 30 Diaz and Jiu Jitsu: 80-20 Diaz.

    • lol if you truly believe in those numbers, I think you're going to be a little shocked at what you see on Saturday night .

      I don't think those stats are accurate, but to each his own. Nonetheless don't be surprised on Saturday.

      • I understand that you are a huge fan of Georges, but let's not make him something he is not. Georges is a great fighter, however he is not that good of a striker. Wouldn't you guys laugh at me if I said that Anderson Silva's wrestling was 40% to Chael's 60% prior to their fights? Of course, yes. I would be smart enough to know that wrestling would be at least 80% advantage Sonnen. You may not like Diaz, but you have to give credit where credit is due. He is a far better BJJ/striker than Georges will ever be.

        As for the Gameplan part, why even mentioned that when everyone on the planet knows exactly what Georges is going to do? we can include Mars as well.

        I respect your opinion, but you were somewhat off with the stats.

        • @underdog same goes for you buddy, you may not like GSP but you should respect him.

          Can you name one top level guy Diaz has submitted? Cyborg Santos is the best guy he's subbed and that isn't exactly a world shaker.
          GSP subbing Hughes is so much more impressive than anyone Diaz has subbed.
          The stat is also about effectiveness not who is a better BJJ student or more knowledgeable, GSP has shown at this stage he is able to easily defend any opponents submissions and that is just as important as Diaz submitting lower level opponents.

          Striking is about effectiveness too. Diaz does more damage but that's because he slugs it out. Name the amount of times GSP has been hurt with striking in the last 3 or 4 years, I only know of 2… that's because his striking defense, which is a part of striking, is brilliant. Diaz got dropped a few times by Daley alone and was getting hit a lot and hard against Noons, Cyborg and Condit.

          • BAM! Just like that Keith owns your *** with facts.

            God damn I love facts!

        • Sorry UDG, but you are WAY off on this one. GSP isn't a heavy hitter but he is one of the best strikers, on a purely technical level in the UFC. He has out struck every fighter he has faced (at least once, counting rematches) including Thaigo Alves and Carlos Condit (yes Condit almost KOd him but overall he was the more effective striker).

    • It's BJJ, not submissions. GSP has outgrappled Karo Parisyan (prime), Matt Serra, and BJ Penn (twice).

      He's basically been outgrappled once in a mixed martial arts contest, and that was by the second best welterweight of all time.

      • BOOM goes the dynamite! You're bang on. Couldn't agree more.

        Thanks for adding some sort of logic to this topic Evan. Glad to know there are people out there still in touch with reality lol

        • I mean I'm one of the biggest Diaz fans there is. I love watching him fight.

          But when I break things down I can see where he falters. I'm not sure if people do the same. I think when people see BJJ they automatically think subs, and discount the part about positioning too.

          • That is completely the issue here. BJJ is much more than just subs.

            I guess most of the guys didn't even read the article.

      • @Evan great points but remember in all his Hughes fights he did amazing with grappling, even in the first before he go caught, where he was still young before

  • "intelligence think"… you come up with that after a few pulls of the pipe homie?

  • I speak to stupid people only by compassion..Do you wanna talk homie?

  • Boxing: 75 – 25 Diaz….You can't compare Nick Diaz boxing combo's against Penn with GSP jab against Kosceck….. BJJ 90 – 10 Diaz… Just compare Diaz arm bar against Evangelista Santos and GSP arm bar to Hardy…Terrible wrist control by GSP…… Cardio 70 – 30 Diaz…pfffff.. Diaz can swim from Alcatraz Island, so nuff said .. Better chin 75 – 25 Diaz…. Watch the Matt Serra fight against GSP… Not scared to stand and bang….95 – 5 Diaz……. Overall shows better mma skills inside the octagon. 80 – 20 Diaz….

    Who use Vaseline as advantage in fights..100 – 0 GSP… Who grinds fights to decisions victories 100 – 0 GSP…… Wrestling 85 – 15 GSP… Better kick boxer 75 – 25 GSP….

    War Diaz… ……………………..2 can play the Bias game..

    • Read the article… I'm not bias.

      If I was bias I wouldn't give Diaz any advantages.

      • Bryan I like your stuff but I kinda feel a little here, not much I may add as you control yourself well but I certainly do feel that Diaz is 80-20 over GSP as an attacking JJ guy and they are even at defence if not a little on Diaz side again. Diaz has many more tricks and GSP uses wrestling a lot more to his ground game than JJ. I agree with the rest though. I think you did good and better than I would have.

        • Thanks man I appreciate it. It was a hard one.

          I agree completely in Diaz having the better offensive BJJ which is why I mentioned it. But if we're talking guard passing, positions and staying out of danger, then GSP is way ahead of Diaz in my opinion.

          Again, both fighters are soo well rounded in all fields (except for wrestling), but the things that make this fight fascinating, is that they are experts at the opposite yet specifically unique things within each of those fields.

          I can't wait for this fight.

          • I agree with that, I suppose i was more thinking of the technical aspect of understanding jj movement towards a sub that I belive Nick would be slightly and maybe not more aware of and defend with pure jj instead of a combo of wrestling and jj.

      • have you not learned. anytime you criticize something to do with diaz you are obviously being biased. the 209 can't seem to understand that the Stockton bad boy isn't as great as they say.

    • If you give Diaz 90-10 in BJJ… You're completely out of touch with reality.

      And I'm also extremely glad that I didn't make "Not scared to stand and bang" a category of it's own lol. You can have that one all to your own.

      • The stand and bang was joke Bryan, just like the hat your wearing.. Funny hat…Can't believe you didn't get it… All I'm saying that Diaz won't be scared to throw some leather while also receiving it. I can also Guarantee you that 100- 0 GSP will be the first to go for a take down… and yes 90 – 10 BJJ…Nick is far better… I mean GSP got tap out by one easy set up arm bar from Matt… Nick on the other hand showed how to defend a rear naked choke by one of the very best BJJ Fighter BJ Penn. And yes your Bias…All your other articles of GSP vs Diaz already proved it..

        • "I mean GSP got tap out by one easy set up arm bar from Matt."

          And Diaz got outgrappled by Sean Sherk, outstruck by Joe Riggs, and TKO'd by KJ Noons.

          Things that happened years upon years ago are close to irrelevant in this conversation.

          • First of all steroid junkie Sean Sherk lost that fight…. Terrible decision… And Sherk was on his steroid prime in those days. I give you the Joe Riggs fight by just a slight… And yet were is he now… Diaz would absolutely kill him on a rematch. His probably pumping Diesel" somewhere. But yes he did beat Diaz.. Good for Riggs… And Noons got a doctor's stoppage for a cut on Diaz… He then got schooled on the rematch… Diaz > Noons

            Yes things that happened years ago…But your comment had nothing to do with who has better BJJ between Diaz and GSP.

          • WHERE….My bad…

          • Diaz schooled Noons? So Schooling is having an incredibly close match with a LW that actually out strikes you according to punch numbers?

            No, Sherk didn't lose that fight. He won a deserved decision.

            My comment listed instances of Diaz being outgrappled by Sherk. A fight that was a lot closer in time to GSP losing to Hughes.

          • Diaz whooped Noon's on their second fight …Fight metric is run my people. Not by machines like The Terminators or cyborgs…When that happens, I'll rest my fingers….lol…..Today it's only done By human's eye… So I don't trust those Fight Metrics. …

            And yes steroid junkie lost that one… Watch it again..

          • Don't need to watch it again. Watched it then. Watched it again a few years later. It was somewhat close, but Sherk was the clear winner.

            Diaz did no such thing. If he didn't land the knockdown in the first he very well could have lost a decision. It was a close well deserved Diaz win. Nowhere close to an *** whooping.

          • Again Bad call by the judges in my eyes….. It happens…. Looked at Shogun vs Machida 1st fight…. Ben Henderson vs Edgar 2nd fight… Mouse vs Torres… Diego vs Hitman…. Sherk vs Diaz….. The list keeps going…

            I saw Diaz win all five rounds against Noons..

          • Wasn't even close to the Shogun/Machida first fight or Ben vs. Frankie 2. Those were robberies. Diaz/Sherk was a close fight that had a clear winner.

            If you saw Diaz winning all five rounds then you should never, ever, judge a mixed martial arts fight.

          • Close fight… Yet I saw Sherk loosing that fight… I also saw Nick Diaz big improvements against wrestlers……

            YEB, I saw him win all five rounds against Noons… Some by just a slight, and others by far… Hell no I don't want to be a judge, I rather be a

        • Oh, and how did George do with Penn on the ground (twice)?

          • Oh you mean when George had Vaseline all over his back.. He did great with his elbows

          • You're correct. That is the same excuse every person used for Penn in 2009.

          • No excuses.. It happened…

          • Yes, and it is an excuse that it had any effect on the fight at all.

          • cheating is cheating… Doesn't matter if GSP won the fight… It's illegal… Just like when fighters use roids. Now it's call TRT…lol. And yet they punish Nick for weed…Oh well I'm of topic…..War Diaz..

          • Yes you are. Diaz being suspended because of his legal marijuana use is a tragedy. It's also said that he could very well fail again, and be cut.

          • Sad, not said.

          • Dana won't cut Diaz….. I know Nick is kind of crazy, but the guy is not stup!d to fail 2 test in a row… After he beat GSP…I truly hope Carlos win his fight with Johnny…. It will be a huge debate on Diaz last robbery……Nick vs Carlos 2……

    • WHat about Diaz's grappling against Joe Riggs?

    • your nuts!

  • The way i see it playing out is GSP taking Diaz down at will, doing some ground and pound and successfully defending Nick's submission attempts.
    5 round BORING (i hope i'm wrong) decision win for GSP.

  • The only area I disagree with is the fighting intelligence. I give that a 50-50. They are both extremely intelligent fighters they just employ different tactics. GSP uses pure, analytic strategy. He breaks down a fighters strengths and weaknesses and uses the information to game plan. Diaz doesn't do a lot of game planning but is better able to improvise on the fly and uses his opponents emotions against them. Two different sets of tactics but both highly effective.

    • I agree, Diaz is very intuitive while on the move compared to GSP who needs corner time to sort an advantage again. Both are intelligent while one is book smart like GSP and the other situational smart. If both had no coaches I would pick Diaz to win. But with coaching I will go with GSP.

      • Which is exactly why I give him the advantage. That and you MUST take into serious consideration that Diaz doesn't gameplan or strategize AT ALL.

        That's no different than charging into battle, yelling at the top of your lungs. It's cool, but not all that smart.

        • I also predict that GSP will win but I disagree that Diaz's way of fighting is akin to just rushing in screaming. He makes a great point in the promo video. He states that he doesn't make a game plan because he wants to be prepared for anything. If you make a game plan then no matter how comprehensive, it is by definition limited. if it doesn't work then what? This is a very intelligent way to approach fighting.

        • BTW, I do agree with every other thing in your article.

          • Thanks man!

            And to address that again. I understand completely. You should definitely train for everything. But how difficult is it to do both? Not very in my opinion.

            Why not have a sound gameplan that works in your favour and then abandon it and be prepared for whatever if it doesn't work.

            you think GSP isn't prepared for anything? If the takedown isn't working then he's gonna have to stand with him and mix it up to stay in the fight. Kicks, knees, clinch, he'll have to get creative.

            I think all fighters prepare for everything, but the smart ones come in with a strategy on top of that.

          • Absolutely. I am just pointing out that Diaz isn't really a mindless maniac. He has a reason for not game planning and it isn't without logic.

        • Yep, I agree again. Even if you had skills like Anderson, it's not smart to expect no problems from a fight and count on yourself knowing it all.

  • Lowkick had access to secret IQ results….nice work guys!

  • No we don't. Just my personal opinion. That's what this entire article is about. It's about what I think. You don't have to read it.

    But to be fair I warned all of you with a disclaimer in the beginning that this is my opinion so if anyone is offended or bothered, blame yourself. Not me for having an opinion.

    The day someone isn't allowed to have an opinion is the day Hitler should have been victorious, sky net finally takes over or the matrix begins.

  • Did i strike a nerve there Bryan?? Hahahah you are acting like a cry baby!!

    • Nah man, just having a conversation with you and promoting fairness/respect.

      Feel free to keep stirring the pot Mr. Brasileiro! Eu tenho muito tempo hoje ; )

      • Might fine article, Bryan. I enjoyed your writing. You inspired me. Your voice stayed on track from beginning to end. I do not write. I prefer to read, and I enjoy reading an opinion that is put together crisply. Keep up the good work.

        • Thanks a lot dude, I really appreciate that. Sincere comments like that inspire me to keep writing. So again thank you!

  • bryan dont be like dana white and say: if you dont like it dont read it… be like anton that took all critizism like a champ

    • anton de predicition master

      • Will do! Although I'm a different beast than Anton. But I'll see what I can do lol.

  • These would be mine. Striking 60-40 Diaz, because if it stays on the feet Diaz has the best chance of winning. But GSP does have a well rounded stand up attack.

    And for BJJ and wrestling I've made that clear in the past that I just believe they should come together for one category (grappling). So this is my "grappling" category, 75-25 GSP. This is a fight involving elbows, punches, a fence for nullifying attacks, and knees when ever a fighter turtles. BJJ and wrestling meld together in mixed martial arts.

    • I don't think you can group everything into grappling or you can't discect technique very readily. Chael would have surperior grappling to AS but AS surperior technique in BJJ won the fight. Karo and BJ have inferior MMA grappling to Nick Diaz. Karo in his prime was popping pain killers like candy. Nick uses sambo transitions and has MMA grappling techniques most people have never even seen. He is a transition based grappler not a guard fighter so we will see if gsp can hold him there. He very well could but BJ and Karo are not good examples.

      • Karo outgrappled in Nick in MMA. Pain killers or not (but he actually didn't start the pain killer use until his failed shot at Matt Hughes a few years later).

        BJ might not have as much stamina as Nick, but his grappling in MMA is most certainly better than Nick. After the second round it would be all nick in really any skill set, but until then BJ is head and shoulders above Nick in pretty much every aspect.

        Chael's grappling is better than Anderson's. He made one mistake, and he paid for it. That would be why he'd be something like 60-40 against Anderson in the grappling department.

        Just because somebody is a 40,30, etc.. doesn't mean they have no chance of winning the fight in that area. It means their chances in that area are diminished.

        • If wrestling isn't grappling then what the hell is it? Leveraging?

    • I'm cool with both of those. Although I think you should reconsider combining the two.

      I completely understand what you're saying, I just think that they're too different to mash together into one category and you're taking away from the depth of analysis if you do so.

      If Demian Maia were fighting Mark Munoz, how would you score the grappling? Each fighter is much more proficient in one category of the other.

      I dunno I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion. Either way both work in there own way.

      • Bryan- I'd always break it down to who had the advantage in an MMA contest. Which is why I'd still give Chael the edge in grappling over Anderson. He's more likely to win more time while competing in that area.

        As for Munoz and Maia, I'd go Munoz strictly because of the weight class they'd be competing. Maia has looked like a beast at WW (and people sleep mightily on how good he is at straight wrestling). However, he was able to get outmuscled at MW, and the wrestling (plus BJJ training at blackhouse by Munoz) was enough to stifle his game there.

  • the breakdown is fair. Diaz only has a couple paths to victory. The jiujitsu breakdown is not accurate. Nick is far above gsp and the credit given to gsp should have been considered wrestling. His technique in bjj is not great instinctively. Diaz utilizes bare knuckles boxing style which is better for MMA anyway. Most people talk about his footwork. It being traditional but it is actually the older style of boxing he employs so he just uses an older version of boxing technique which is actually pretty ingenious.

    However being a huge nick Diaz fan I realize he has only a few ways to win. Here are some ways I believe he could win.

    Complete surprise technique. He comes out and stuffs or reverses GSP's takedown attempts and throws GSP off his plan. It may seem impossible but. Nick is an idiot savant he could have been hiding this approach for this very moment.

    Sambo. The techniques of sambo offer great leg locks and asymmetrical takedown approaches and reversals. Nick has been practicing sambo for over ten years.

    Getting in GSP's head and finding a stand up striking oppening. Gsp is a versatile striker but he should 't stand and box Diaz. When things go to instinct mode Diaz has the edge.

    Submission. Nick is a far better grappler than gsp. He has techniques gsp probably is not used to defending. Like the ones found in sambo. He is a transition master.

    All that said nick has a huge problem to figure out and if he plans on walking forward while gsp hacks his legs and takes him down he can not win. Nick will have to bring major engenuity we haven't seen from him. But then again like a good football coach maybe the idiot savant will surprise us all with something we never would have expected from him. He did stuff Sean Sherk almost every takedown attempt. But this is gsp.

    • Awesome points. I don't agree with them all completely but great point of view nonetheless.

      Diaz will definnitely have to think outside the box and bring something new to the table if he wants to win.

  • I loved the addition of fighting intelligence/gameplanning.

    On that topic, I do agree with IChoke a bit. Diaz's game is more than meets the eye. He forces guys into fighting on his terms routinely. Even the great gameplan by Condit almost failed on a few occasions by trading with Nick. He really works his fight better than most people think.

    However, I'd still place the advantage towards GSP around 75-25. He's a machine, and his fights are meticulously planned from beginning to end. Not to mention he has the mad genius, Greg Jackson, cornering him.

  • pretty much spot on i would say. ppl keep talking about Diaz`s subs but anyone who has any bjj experience knows positioning is the most important. and GSP with his superior strength and wrestling will have the advantage here. GSP will dictate where the fight goes through the whole fight, he will likely stand with Diaz for a while then take him down and hold him down for the whole fight like he has done so many times before.

  • Might fine article, Bryan. I enjoyed your writing. You inspired me. Your voice stayed on track from beginning to end. I do not write. I prefer to read, and I enjoy reading an opinion that is put together crisply. Keep up the good work.

    • I replied to you above, but thanks again man I really appreciate it.

      Sincere comments like that keep me going and inspire me to write more and better.

      Thanks again!

  • 5 Round decision GSP..