Georges St. Pierre UFC 167 Open Workout: GSP Trains Jiu-Jitsu With Royce Gracie


Reigning UFC Welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre is a very well rounded mixed martial artist.

Heading into one of the biggest matchups of his career against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, ‘GSP’ proves this fact by spending his open workout doing Brazllian Jiu-jitsu with the man that started it all, Royce Gracie.

UFC 167 marks the twentieth anniversary of the first UFC tournament, which Gracie won. The game has changed quite significantly since that time, but this weekend’s blockbuster event is about respecting the past, present, and future of MMA.

 MMA H.E.A.T. was on hand to catch all of the action from Las Vegas:


  • Smooth. GSP via armbar

    • A synopsis of this video:

      First, it wasn't an open workout. This was a high level Jiu Jitsu lesson from one of the best ground instructors on the planet.

      Second, notice that GSP worked all the positions off of his back.

      Third, notice that GSP worked all the moves from both the left and right positions, while muttering under his breath, "do it the same way, do it the same way".

      Fourth, notice that Royce was also muttering, "different chokes, different chokes".

      I think what fans might take from this video, is that perhaps the thing that GSP has been working on is his ground game.

      Good luck to Bigg Rigg on the ground, if his skills aren't up to par on top or the bottom. And good luck to Bigg Rigg if he thinks his BJJ is anywhere near that level.

      Flash KO or go home, will be the order of the night for Hendricks.

      • You know what I've been saying Brian for a year now. If GSP can get a solid sub game, his ground control could make him unstoppable.

        • Stewie, I couldn't agree more. That's why you're my Stewie.

        • I couldn't agree more. That's why you're my Stewie.

  • GSP is bad enough already with his sick top control, but if he is going into the fight with serious intentions of submitting Hendricks I can definitely see him doing it, and probably fairly easily. I'll be rooting for Hendricks just because I want to see things shaken up in the welterweight division but even I know he probably only stands a punchers chance against GSP.

  • I would not be surprised if Hendricks is training with Marcelo Garcia. Yes, World Jiu-Jitsu Champion..

  • After watching that video, I realize there is nothing more I can teach George.

    • except ambidextrous masterbation hahahaha j/k