Georges St-Pierre Has A Message For Johny Hendricks


Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has made his comeback after a long lay off. He beat Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz to once again cement his place as the number one welterweight on the planet.

Since then GSP has accepted a role in the upcoming Captain America movie, a move which many thought may signal the end of the French-Canadian’s career in MMA. ‘Rush’ is seeing things very differently though, according to his recent interview with SportsNetCanada he is already training for his next opponent.

Check out the video of the interview below, in which GSP sends a message to Johny Hendricks.

  • I'm shocked that The Champ is even remotely interested in a re-match with Diaz, but that's cool should it come to pass. I'd watch GSP / Diaz 2, why not?

    And by his words, maybe we've all misread the tea leaves regarding his retirement. Personally, I thought Rush might have been getting a little bored, but after listening to him in this interview, I'm not so sure. It kind of sounds like he's still motivated to keep fighting. Funny, he's been around so long, it's difficult to remember sometimes, that The Champ isn't even 32, yet (turns next month). Healthy as he is and sustaining no beatings in the ring, he could well fight for years to come.

    • Thats true. He seems like he could go on without a bother.

  • "i'm not a good liar" hey hollywood come 'ere come 'ere {SLAP} lol