Georges St-Pierre: I want to fight the best in the world and right now that is Johny Hendricks


UFC welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre returned to action last night in front of his home crowd. UFC 158 was a great night for fight fans around the world, and especially for fans of St-Pierre.

The Canadian p4p great put on a clinic against Nick Diaz, controlling the fight, and not letting Diaz build any momentum at all. Johny Hendricks was also victorious last night, putting in a fight of the night performance against former interim champion Carlos Condit.

So what is next for St-Pierre? A title match with Johny Hendricks is surely inevitable at this point. Check out GSP in a post fight interview below, and stay tuned to Lowkick for more post-UFC 158 coverage.

  • I think GSP is the best fighter period after Nick Diaz fight, if he will beat Hendricks well it will mean he cleaned out another generation of division again.

    • um…. Ellenberger?…

      • Ellenberger didn't earn the shot yet. Great win but not enough. He needs another win over either Hendricks, Maia or Saffiediene

    • There's 3 or 4 more fights at welterweight before you can say he cleaned out the division!

      • Not if a few of them knock each other off…

        4 of those guys face off and now you only have two people left. That's how it should work, everyone should be funneled towards the champion and earn their shot.

      • He's already cleaned out one generation.

        He's on to the next one now.

        • Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Trig, Penn generation, after that Fitch, Alves, Koscheck, Shield generation. Now we got new guys Condit, Rory, Hendricks, Ellenberger.

  • If this was highschool his face would mean he lost that fight. (obviously he won but he looks like he got his *** kicked)

    • GSP has always marked easily. Half of that marking was caused by weak shots from the bottom by Diaz, the rest by a spell Diaz had when he landed a few combos. Anyone who watched fight knows for sure who got who's *** kicked and it certainly wasn't GSP.

    • If this was High school, GSP could have punched Nick in the back of the head/kneed him in the head on the ground about 100 times.

    • Watch the Diaz interview.

      Let me sum it up for you.

      I don't want to make excuses all day but…..

      Had a bad training camp.
      No one had faith in me.
      The Canada thing was hard.
      My sleep was off.
      I didn't feel right.
      I didn't wake up until 4th or 5th.
      He knew what I was going to do because of photographers.

  • He'd still have to beat Hendricks, Ellenberger, Maia, and probably one more to have truly cleaned out the division

  • Tough, scary fight, for The Champ.

    One thing for sure, The Champ seems interested in defending His Title. I'm not hearing much in the way of him taking time off. Love him or hate him, its certainly nice to have a Division Champion who defends his belt as frequently as possible and against very tough opponents. Not every division can lay such a claim.

  • Gosh – look at that face.

  • Really classy guy. Humble too !!!!!! Gotta love him, tough as nails and respectful too

  • What Georges does not know, and is not prepared for, is Johnny's secret weapon. He is hiding a third fist inside that epic beard, and will unleash it when GSP least suspects it.

  • "I want to fight the best in the world and right now that is (insert name here)". Is it just me or does he pretty much say this about every single guy hes faced? It would be refreshing for him to just say you know what? This guys ok but I guess he's next no matter what.