Georges St-Pierre Swings At Michael Bisping In Latest Heated Staredown

Photo by Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports

Continuing the promotion of their middleweight title fight in the main event of November 4’s UFC 217 from Madison Square Garden in New York City, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and returning MMA legend Georges St-Pierre faced off at another press conference in Toronto today, and things got physical just like they did at the first one.

One week after St-Pierre shoved Bisping when he got a bit too touchy-feely by squeezing his arm at their initial press conference during last week’s UFC 216 from Las Vegas, ‘The Count’ once again got up close and personal in St-Pierre’s face and poked his chin. The normally reserved and respectful MMA great was understandably miffed, and responded by taking a brief swing at Bisping, to which ‘The Count’ reacted with great surprise (for some reason).

It’s a side of St-Pierre we haven’t necessarily seen from him before. What that means for his UFC return after nearly four years away from the sport remains to be seen. For now, watch his latest heated staredown with Bisping right here:

  • Shock Wave

    GSP is gonna beat the arrogance out of Bisping ????

  • leonaidis

    Since Conor came to the ufc even the more seasoned fighters are acting like they are about to have a school yard brawl and not a professional MMA fight. I feel ashamed to see world class athletes act like teenagers just because they want to sell fights to stupid teenage fans.

  • HeteroFriendly

    That was a swing?
    Maybe in canada.