George Sotiropoulos: I’ll be able to impose my will on Joe Lauzon


“I’m so much more improved now anyway. My wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu; I’m very well rounded.

Joe Luazon looked great against Gabe, and he looked really good against Sam Stout too. I’ve studied all of his wins and all of his losses, and he’s an erratic fighter with good jiu jitsu that I have to be careful of, but I’m confident that I will be able to impose my will and my game on him. Technically and physically I am superior. I will dominate.” –

Holding a professional MMA record of 13-2, Goerge Sotiropoulos will look to come one stop closer for a title shot, facing Joe Lauzon on the main card of UFC 123: Rampage vs Machida this weekend. Sotiropoulos is currently 6-0 in the UFC, defeating Joe Stevenson and Kurt Pellegrino in his last two bouts. George Sotiropoulos’s only defeats are against Shinya Aoki (DQ) and Kyle Noke (Split Decision).

  • I like them both, they are exciting, athletic, always in shape and well rounded. I agree with Sot tho, he’s a better version of Lauzon in all areas so i see him having an edge during the whole fight. Sot by decision.

  • someone was telling me that J-Lau is better in all aspects than George..LOL

  • I’m actually picking Sot. to win this one…

  • Sot all the way, I don’t see him winning easily though. Potential fight of the night…

  • not you. some people on mmanews forums compared J-Lau to Kurt Pellegrino and him controlling George in the first round…yeah thta worked out well for Kurt…

  • Sots is the better fighter but the success is going to his head. He is ripe for defeat. I am looking for Lauzon to pull off the upset in dramatic fashion, because no-one is giving him a chance.

  • same here Anton, I think Goerge’s BJJ will be too good, hes pretty well rounded from what Ive seen

  • I would give Lauzon a chance, he’s very exciting with a hell of a lot of skill. But I would still favour George in this fight, if Lauzon wins though I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • should be good but i think George will win by 3rd round tko

  • very nice fight… i think this is a true rest for both of them.. i cant pick any off them to win because i like both of them.. possible fight/knockout/submission of the night they should get one of them for sure

  • Sot via 10th planet jiu jitsu.

  • Personally I don’t think Sot comes of as ****y simply confident and there is a huge difference between the two. Was really quite cool to see Sot’s story and learn just how much experience he has. I am a big fan of fighters that make sure they are constantly being challenged and I’d be surprised if Sot doesn’t end up in Greg Jackson’s camp. I think there is a real correlation between fighters who’s training become static to fighters that stop evolving and get figured out as a result.

    I think that is what we will see in this fight, if Sot gets into trouble he will be so used to and adapt on the spot while I am not so sure Lauzon will be able to do the same.

  • damn cage rage i never thought of it that way. he is kinda ripe for defeat, after the joe stevens fight he thought he was the man.. and he kinda is now. he has par stiking and IMO the best BJJ in the divison with BJ temporarily at 170. but Joe Lauzon is a problem man. hes alwasy been the king of upsets after he knocked out Jens Pulver when he was like 18 lol

  • are you guys kidding me? WHO IS J-LAU?! A guy that got the crap beaten out of him by Sam Stout? and who talked smack about Kenny Florian talking about how he’s the New England hopeful and not Kenny only to get the crap beaten out of him for 3 rounds? get real. George’s BJJ is on a whole nother level and his boxing is unbelievable. you guys know he trains professionally for boxing and kickboxing right? what has J-Lau done? won some New England and Boston area grappling tourneys,… wow I am sooo amazed….Demian Maia is a world champ, that’s something im impressed with. Joe…not at all.