Gegard Mousasi Says Vitor Belfort Wanted To Take The Fight On Short Notice


Its safe to say that Gegard MoUSAsi has had an up and down week so far. After his original opponent for Saturday’s UFC On Fuel TV 9, Alexander Gustaffson, was sidelined with a nasty cut above the eye the social media and internet were buzzing with rumours of who would replace the Swede.

At first many believed that Wanderlei Silva would be the replacement fighter, but upon closer inspection it would seem Wandy was meerly embracing his inner child and playing an April fool’s joke. Clearly MoUSAsi was not too impressed with ‘The Axe Murderer’s’ prank when speaking to

“If I had done it to him, he wouldn’t have appreciated it either. I’m in a situation where no one is informing me of anything, and this idiot is saying it for three days as an April Fools’ joke. It’s not funny. But what I can I do?”

Then the conversation took an interesting turn as MoUSAsi was questioned further about potential opponents, before the lesser known Iliir Latifi was confirmed.

Vitor Belfort stepped up, and there were talks with my manager, and he wanted to take the fight on short notice,” said MoUSAsi, who never found out why Belfort wasn’t selected. “So we would have gladly accepted that fight.”

This is most certainly an odd turn of events, from my point of view a top ranked fighter such as Belfort would have been a perfect replacement. Especially seeing as he is back in the mix after his big knockout of Michael Bisping. In reference as to how Latifi got the fight, MoUSAsi had this to say:

“Latifi asked for the fight on social media and in Sweden, so eventually, he was the only guy we were able to fight,”

So it would seem that Joe Silva is taking job applications via Twitter now, I will keep you updated on this story as soon as I’ve finished trying to get a fight with Rampage Jackson via Myspace.

  • Give Mousasi a top ranked fighter.
    This is ridiculous…

  • Rory you may have forgotten Belfort is the main event of a card in Brazil soon against Rockhold. Rather than mess about 2 cards and their main events, just do what you can with one of them and accept it not being the best.

    Vitor as usual is always the brave old lion and I'm sure he would've came in with fire.

    Wanderlei would've been better, free of any fights and not in a high ranked position like Belfort.

    • sharp as usual keith :*

    • @keith….you are forgetting that Belfort is on TRT…nothing can stop Belfort

    • @keith thats a good point bro, but from a business or fan orientated point of view dana was better off putting a higher ranked fighter in. More PPV's, fans are happy, vitor could fight two times within a few months, he is a professional. but i can defo see where u r coming from. PS you heard about the next UFC UK? lol

  • BTW…Good update Rory.