Gegard Mousasi: Machida Was Always A Step Ahead


Gegard Mousasi brought a seven-fight unbeaten streak into his UFC Fight Night 36 main event against Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. While “The Dreamcatcher” looked impressive during the run, he didn’t fight anyone near the caliber of former UFC light heavyweight champion Machida.

And it showed last night.

Coming in off of ACL surgery, Mousasi looked way too slow and lackadaisical to contend with the dangerous striking of “The Dragon,” who nailed the Armenian kickboxer with just about every strike in the book in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil.

That’s something Mousasi’s not scared to admit, either. “The Dreamcatcher” spoke up at last night’s post-fight press conference to admit he never had an answer for Machida, but that wasn’t necessarily due to ring rust:

“He was always a step ahead. I just couldn’t get started. I don’t know about the scoring. Maybe I had one round, maybe two. Rhythm always helps, but I felt good in the fight.”

When questioned about his long layoff having an effect on the loss, he wouldn’t use that as an excuse:

“I don’t think so.”

The former Strikeforce and DREAM champion is extremely gracious in defeat, but apparently Machida was stifling to the point where Mousasi just couldn’t begin striking. Always relaxed in the cage, he appeared almost on autopilot last night, never fighting with much of a sense of urgency.

It wasn’t the best performance for one of the most well traveled fighters in MMA, but Mousasi should benefit from taking a step back and perhaps re-evaluating his strategy. He said that Machida would be vulnerable to counter strikes, but you’ve got to throw them first if you want them to land.

In any case, Mousasi will receive a noted step down in competition for his next bout. A fight against Francis Carmont, who also lost a one-sided bout to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in last night’s co-main event, could be a great bout for him.

What do you think should be “The Dreamcatcher’s” next move?

Photo: Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports

  • Speaking of the press conference, does anyone know where it can be watched? I looked everywhere for it and haven't seen a single link.

  • DG1

    Where is the Dreamcatcher's next move? How about flipping burgers at the UFC's great-in-other-promotions-but-couldn't-cut-it-in-the-UFC diner?

    • He got outclassed by a future hall of famer, yes very *SHAMEFULL* indeed!

  • i was confident mousasi would beat machida, but have to admit machida was the better fighter last night!! it was a technical fight and i was impressed with the footwork and the speed of the dragon. mousasi vs carmount and souza vs machida next pls

    • Moussasi vs Bisping!!! Who the hell can't get enough of Bisping's face on the canvas?

  • Mousasi is not ready for these great fighters (AS/Machida) yet. He looked like fish out of water last night.

    • Dumb

    • What he looked like was a very game competitor against one of UFC's very best…in only his 2nd UFC fight.

    • UDG, I agree with a lot of what you write but not this. Mousasi looked great. He is great. Based on his performance the other night there are only three guys I would be surprised to see him beat; Lyoto Machida (who he doesn't seem to be too far behind), Anderson Silva (1st or 2nd rd tko) and Chris Wiedman (GnP stoppage or decision). I have him even with a couple others and vastly superior to the majority.

  • I think Gerard is a great fighter but this is the big leagues now and he needs to go to a big and respectable camp ASAP.Otherwise he won't progress as a fighter
    How about the blackzilians..?

  • @DG1-How about you go ahead and flip a burger for Gegard sir? last time I checked he has accomplished way more than you ever will,btw heard he likes his burgers medium well,cheers bud!

  • Love mousasi. He's a true professional and clearly one of the elite fighters in the world