Gegard Mousasi vs. ‘Jacare’ Souza Moved To UFC Fight Night 50, ‘Dreamcatcher’ Not Happy About It


UFC middleweight competitor Gegard Mousasi made his presence felt in the UFC by dismantling Mark Munoz with a convincing submission in the main event of May’s UFC Fight Night 41. ‘The Dreamcatcher’ was then booked in UFC 176’s co-main event against Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza. In a bout that would likely have title implications, it looked like Mousasi would finally start living up to his hype.

Then came the news that UFC 176 was ‘postponed’, and that the fighters from the card would be distributed across other events. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mousasi found out the news by social media. His fight with Souza has been removed from a PPV, and moved to September 5’s UFC Fight Night 50 from Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut.

‘The Dreamcatcher’ then went on to give his feelings over the promotion’s faux pas to his Twitter followers:

Indeed it is a sorry situation that Mousasi finds himself in here, especially considering UFC Fight Night 50 is not until September. For the moment, ‘The Dreamcatcher’ will have to settle for fighting on a free card.

With such a busy schedule this year, it would appear that resources are slim. When you factor in the absence of some major champions, and the exportation of fighters to different continents for the promotion’s global expansion, you can see why it may have been difficult to find fighters on a month’s notice to fill a single card.

In any case, the former Strikeforce champion still has his rematch against ‘Jacare.’ Will he parlay the opportunity into his biggest UFC win?

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    Relax Gegard, getting and staying in shape isnt a crime. It's not like you're poor.
    Oh NOooo I had to work out.

  • Wish I could say this was the first or that this will be the last time the UFC leaves fighters out of the loop. I get wanting to give fans answers but at least have the professional courtesy to take five seconds and let your employees know what their schedule is. Kinda sucks when everyone knows who's fighting in the main event except the fighters in the main event.

  • Do fighters get any compensation for this kind of thing?