Gegard Mousasi Gets A New Opponent, Alexander Gustafsson reveals cut


It seems as though the drama surrounding Alexander Gustaffson’s injury may have concluded, with the breaking news that Gegard MoUSAsi has an opponent for his April 6th bout. Dana White has confirmed the news via Twitter:

Although Latifi is an unknown within the UFC, ‘The Sledgehammer’ is stepping up a notch in competition to fill in for his injured training partner. The Swede holds a record of 7-2 (2 KO, 3 Sub) and will face a huge challenge in the veteran Mousasi.

So with a last minute change we have gone from a number one contender match, to a seemingly overmatched underdog who could potentially pull off the upset of the year. With Gustaffson sidelined, my question is ‘Where does he stand in the title picture?’. 

I think we will have to wait until after Saturday to find out the answer to all our questions, although I am keen to know whether Latifi was the training partner that caused the cut over
Gustaffson’s eye. Maybe thats the conspiracy theorist in me. By the way, Gustafsson posted a pic of the now infamous cut that forced him to miss this weekend’s main event:

We will keep you updated to any more news on Latifi vs. Mousasi as it comes in.


  • who?

    • mousasi better hope its not queen latifa or hes in for a long night

      • Come don't be ridiculous she would never fight mousasi
        ………………. wrong weight class! oh SNAP!

  • whow said is that ? ….. the UFC has like 450 fighters on contract and that is what they come up with for main event ? Shame on you Mr Silva!

  • Up there for the worst name value main event in UFC history, this will surely put a lot of viewers off but at least for us ******** fans we still are getting to finally see Mousasi in the UFC.

  • Still……unacceptable for a multi BILLION dollar corporation to try to satisfy their fan base. Definitely dropped the ball on this one…

  • I was really hoping that they'd bring in either Zxwon Kukzic or Efiny Aromovitch. Either way, I'm glad they didn't give the fight to Qruiit Umphilyutsop.

  • The UFC did the right thing by keeping a swede on the main card….I'll judge the bout after it happens…Big names can often fall flat in the octagon…Take Rashads last outing,

  • Wow, this card just took a dump. Chance of a lifetime for this kid, but let's see if he can even hang with Mousasi for one round……