Gabriel Gonzaga’s appeal of loss to Travis Browne declined by Nevada


News comes today that UFC Heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga’s appeal to the NSAC for his loss to Travis Browne has been denied. Gonzaga’s filed the appeal after being knocked by what many deemed to be illegal downward elbows at the TUF Finale. 

According to MMA Junkie, Gonzaga’s manager Marco Alvan and lawyer Dan Hagan filed a complaint that stated:

“These fouls impacted the result of the contest, as they occurred prior to the referee moving in to stop the fight and determining Gonzaga could not continue. A referee who was operating under an accurate interpretation of the commission’s regulations would have stopped the contest upon viewing a foul and, under these circumstances, declared the contest a ‘no decision’ … or a disqualification of Travis Browne.”

But the desired result was not acquired, as the Nevada State General Attorney’s office sent word that the TKO loss to Browne would indeed remain intact. This is good news for Browne, and his manager John Fosco released a respectful, but relieved statement:

“We completely support Gabriel or any athlete exercising their right to go through the proper channels and to find out how the system views a decision that they feel strongly about. We felt that Travis did absolutely nothing illegal. Travis went into the cage and did what he had to do. But it’s a relief for Travis to be vindicated.”

With the ruling, Browne will be free to seek another opponent as he climbs the ladder towards his ultimate goal of obtaining the UFC Heavyweight Championship. For Gonzaga, it’s a disappointing setback that ultimately wrecked his three-fight winning streak. Do you still believe Gonzaga was finished with illegal strikes?