Fuel TV 7: Dana White’s Post-Fight Talk


UFC President Dana White answered on a wide array of questions, speaking post-fight at UFC on Fuel TV 7. As always, White expressed his anger towards poor judging in Mixed Martial Arts, and named some fighters who he thought could’ve done better inside the Octagon. It’s no time to chill for the UFC prez, as next weekend world’s top MMA promotion will celebrate its first female fight, featuring Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche for the UFC Women’s Bantamweight title.

  • Dana on Bellator:

    He should stop taking this so personally. Every time I hear him talk about it or anything associated with it, it's always personal. I don't think its befitting a man of his position to be referring to an employee of Bellator as a "punk" and then going off on….he said this….he put out this press release….whose laughing now….crap. To me, his reaction to all things Bellator shows weakness. He should adopt a more business-like, dispassionate tone when answering questions about Bellator.

    And in terms of Bellator's ratings on SPIKE here's my take…if they are struggling to find an audience right now, it might simply be because people haven't had it driven into their heads that Bellator is even on SPIKE, let alone on Thursdays. Speaking for myself, I have yet to remember that it's on and as I do not watch SPIKE for anything other than Bellator, I don't see any commercials for it. It's like TUF. I am only now starting to remember that its shifted to Tuesdays. And again, I rarely see any commercials for it.

    What I can say about the fights I have seen on Bellator, like last Thursday, when I finally realized it was on and caught the last part of the show, is that the fights have been pretty solid. I have yet to see a dog. And as a fan, that's really the only thing I care about. So, if the fights are good I'll watch, as will most MMA fans and Dana's point fades away; within weeks. And Bellator / SPIKE still have their version of TUF to come, yet. Put it all together and The UFC has legitimate competition and Dana should take them more seriously.

    Speaking of which, I'd love to ask him what his thoughts are on spending so much money and effort on breaking new markets like The UK, Europe and China, only to be paving the way for Bellator to walk in the door, right behind them? Bellator gets all the benefit of The UFC's efforts and @ none of the expense. It must be a little galling.

  • @MMA Truth…..Bellator may have accused the NBA for undermining their ratings but the truth is more than 50% of the 18-38 year old male market were watching porn online when it aired….

    So they tell me !

  • bellator has thier own talents in thier own ryt but this two in this video is also tough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztnD6_rfq2Q&list=HL1361168079