Free Fights Of The Day: Jones vs. Bader/Gustafsson vs. Hamman


Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson are set to face off at UFC 165, going to war for the 205lb. championship belt. Much has been talked about in the lead up to this fight; reach, height, athleticism and raw ability. Jones mostly comes out top in those conversations, statistically at least.

The Mauler certainly has a lot on his plate when he faces Jones, although I do think he has a better chance than most other guys in the division. He may just be agile enough to put his striking in to effect against the taller man.

For Jones it is business as usual, keep the other guy at bay, wear him down, break his will and then finish him when he shows the signs of being done. A very effective strategy is often employed by Jones, which mainly involves him taking no damage and inflicting as much pain as he can.

In anticipation of UFC 165 check out Gus’ UFC debut and Jones’ 2011 brutalization of Ryan Bader, both videos courtesy of