Free Fight Of The Day Michael Bisping vs. Elvis Sinosic


Back in April 2007 Michael Bisping was fresh off a TKO victory over Eric Schafer in his first UFC fight. After winning the Light-Heavyweight TUF 3 finale and beating Schafer, Bisping was a 12-0 fighter in the lead up to his fight with Sinosic.

Sinosic was 8-9-2 when he faced ‘The Count’ at UFC 70, and although he was a heavy underdog ‘The King Of Rock ‘N’ Rumble’ was no stranger to the big leagues. Sinosic had fought for the UFC on numerous occasions and it may seem he was thrown to the dogs in this match up, but Bisping was still growing as a fighter, and I think the UFC used Sinosic as a measuring stick.

Check out the full fight video below.

  • When I first joined this site it was almost exclusively for the free fights. Our older members might remember.

    • That was some crazy ground and pound though.

    • @ Chris Strickland… Oh yeah, those were the days. Do you remember "UrHype"? He made "Hateocracy" seem like a decent guy.

      • I do remember UrHype vaguely and the biggest one I remember who isn't here any more was this girl whose name was like BJPenn something and she would come on here and just insult everyone. lol. To this day she might have the highest total "weak" count. Wingchun too, he would come on and type like full on essays on peoples' posts.

    • so ashamed why elvis sinosic made the ufc, he is one of the most lamest fighter in the ufc. He is a G.a.y. version of brock lesnar. He even got a second chance, dana is such a d.ick.

      • How did that dribble get two sharps?

        • He sharp himself then logged out and did it again lame!! Lol

  • Elvis who? Really? One of Bisping's finest moments, which is not saying much.