Free Fight Of The Day: Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar At TUF Finale


TUF 1 Finale was the setting for an all time classic match between Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin, with a six figure UFC contract on the line. The two squared off and put a great show on for the fans, in a fight that Dana White described as the most important bout in UFC history.

Even most casual fans I know have seen this classic. Bonnar and Griffin now enjoy a spot in the UFC’s Hall of Fame, arguably due to their part in this integral bout. At a time where MMA was still seen as barbaric or un-interesting by most sports fans, these two stepped up and put in a Gatti vs. Ward type performance.

It was exactly what the sport needed, although the bout wasn’t highly technical, it provided the UFC and MMA with a base to work with. You show any pure boxing fan this bout and I guarantee it will get them hooked on MMA, or at least interested.

Even though TUF has started to become a little watered down, it does still have a huge fan base, and it still has it’s awe inspiring moments. So for old times sake, enjoy the full Griffin vs. Bonnar fight video courtesy of, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • My heart sank in that final moment when a battered and bruised Bonnar thought he had lost everything after all his efforts. There was nothing left for Bonnar or Griffin to give in that fight. I love the spontaneous decision of White in awarding two contracts….Thats history right there. Its a sporting moment we will all look back at in years to come and go wow that was great and I saw it live.

    • And to date, I dont think we've seen a TUF final that had that kind of heart and perseverance.

  • Seems like yesterday, but look how young Forrest looks.

    • Ohh they grow up too fast,, sob

      • Loved it when Bonnar placed his hand in his hip in exhaustion seconds away from the end of the 2nd. One of the best fights in MMA if not the best.