Free Fight Of The Day Cain Velasquez vs. Jesse Fujarczyk


Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez seems unbeatable right now. He absolutely dominated Junior dos Santos in their rematch for the title and I can’t see him moving from the top spot anytime soon.

Way back in 2006 a young Velasquez made his professional MMA debut in Strikeforce against Jesse Fujarczyk. ‘The Ronin’ was 3-1 in MMA at the time of meeting Velasquez who, at the time, was a relative unknown.

Velasquez has only been to the judges scorecards twice in his career and all of his other victories have came by KO/TKO, including a one round savaging of his next opponent Antonio Silva.

Check out the full fight video below.

  • Interesting to see how today's beasts had a relatively quiet start. Going into Strikeforce with a 0-0 record? Cain was made to be Heavyweight champ.

  • nice'n easy executives are wasting their money advertising in about the wrong demographic

    • then again, maybe keith farrell could use some of those wonders

      • I think you could use the wonders of an AdBlock, since you always complain about Ads which every competent person manages to avoid.

  • Opening chapter of the heavyweight king's legend.

    Great to see the commentators are very knowledgeable here – "that's an advanced beatdown technique"…..