Free Fight Of The Day: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson At UFC 82


Way back at UFC 82, Dan Henderson attempted to unify his Pride FC WW title with the UFC’s Middleweight strap. The challenge he faced was none other than the current number one fighter alive, Anderson Silva. Henderson had spent the last 10 years fighting mainly in Japan, and after losing his unification bout for the Pride MW and UFC 205 belt at UFC 75, Hendo looked to knock Silva from the top of the 185lb. rankings.

Henderson is known for his brutal right hand, and also his wrestling pedigree, so he was a threat to Silva in many ways. At least that is what people thought. The truth is that Silva is on another level from Hendo, and he showed it on fight night. Despite a rocky first round for the champion, he shined in the second round and showed once again why he is so hard to beat.

Silva’s next challenge is another great wrestler with good stand up, and again many fans are favoring the challenger. Chris Weidman will step up to the plate at UFC 162 to challenge Silva, anyone think history will repeat itself?

Check out the full Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson fight video, courtesy of, and stay tuned to Lowkick!