Free Fight Of The Day: Chuck Liddell Vs. Alistair Overeem


One of my favorite fighters of all time, Chuck Lidell, squared off against Alistair Overeem back in 2003 at Pride Total Elimination. Liddell was coming off a TKO loss to Randy Couture at UFC 43 and had decided to try his luck against the best that JMMA had to offer, in the form of Alistair Overeem.

‘The Demolition Man’ was on a 12 fight win streak when he faced Liddell, one many didn’t favor the American ‘Ice Man’ to break. The fight that ensued was an absolute thriller from start to finish.

Check out the full fight video below,.

  • The Iceman used to be such a wrecking machine.

    In his prime he was a nightmare for any man, only Rampage managed to beat him at his best.

    I would honestly give a prime Chuck Liddell a bigger chance against Jones than I do most current LHW contenders… incredible takedown defense, uncrackable chin and a non-stop forward onslaught of scary powerful strikes.

    • I honestly think Jon jones would be able to take chuck lidell down, due to his superior size and power and submit him but if they both stayed on their feet it would be super close for sure.

      • Dude i think liddell was a nightmare for tall guys in his prime. that over hand right was like lanky guy kryptonite

      • @gelert that could be the case but its possible he would be able to stuff them. He rarely stayed in the clinch either, where Jones gets most his takedowns, so that would help

  • What about Rampage vs Liddell in Pride?

  • Random thought but I think the ufc should change their win bonuses to finish bonuses.

    I miss these types of fights where guys are going for the finish right from the start. Sure they still happen but its way less common.

    • Couldn't disagree more.

      Not everyone is blessed with the power of Chuck Liddell.
      What about someone like Forrest Griffin who wasn't blessed athletically but he still manages to out-work and out-heart his opponents, leading to many hard earned decisions.

      Maybe an extra 20% bonus if you finish but no way should they ever replace win bonuses with finish bonuses.