Frankie Edgar talks UFC 156, Jose Aldo, and the rising talent at Featherweight


It’s fight week and MMA H.E.A.T. sat down for an exclusive interview with former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Edgar addresses his upcoming blockbuster bout with Jose Aldo this weekend, noting that while he is facing one of the best finishers, he has never been put away.

Edgar acknowledges he did not want to have a tuneup fight at Featherweight, but rather to jump into the title fight right away. Featherweight is fast becoming a talented division, and Edgar lists off all of the talent fighters he respects at 145. 

Edgar is always a down-to-earth fighter, and appears calm yet confident heading into his seventh straight UFC title fight. This Saturday, he will look to make history as one of very few multi-divisional UFC champs. Frankie Edgar knows the odds may be against him, but said he would be worried if they weren’t.

  • It will be crazy to think that Aldo will be running through Frankie like prune juice.

    • i dont understand why jose aldo doesnt have that many fans??
      he has consistently been destroying everyone and has a record of 21-1

      • Aldo has many fans. He's a great fighter, a great champion and gets lots of respect. It's Edgar who still hasn't got the respect he deserves. People who think Edgar will get run through like prune juice obviously don't know skill when they see it because lil Frankie has more skill than most other fighters out there. How many fighters do you see being UFC champion in the deepest division while giving up height, reach and strength advantage to the opposition?

        Aldo is similar in stature to Edgar I think. he could very well wear the belt at 155 he is that good but until he does Edgar is worthy of at LEAST equal rating as Aldo and IMO more.

        That doesn't mean this is an easy win for either fighter. In fact I think they both may be the toughest test for each other so far in their careers.

        • GSP has even gone on record stating that Edgar is his pick for P4P #1

    • I'll have to wait and see. Edgar does catch kicks pretty damn good.He has excellent foot work and strikes well. Aldo may destroy him, IDK, it's almost like comparing apples to oranges though.

  • Aldo coming off an injury and going up againts one of the best fighters in the UFC I would have to go with Frankie.

    • We need an "I dont know" tab to click.

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        "F##K You"….would be a nice tab option, as well. 🙂

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          Are you Chumming by any chance??

  • If Aldo wins, I dont expect to see him running laps around Mandalay Bay's Arena. 8))

  • I've heard Aldo say he is the bigger man vs. Edgar. Does anyone know what weight he cuts from?

    • I'm not sure why I am getting weaked for asking a question…

      • Its ok Rnev, it's when you dont see weaks you should worry 8))

      • You new here Rnev? Get used to the weaksters lol. Something has to cheer up their sorry lives, even if it is weaking perfectly reasonable posts.

    • I'd have to look around for that info, but generally Franky didnt cut at LW and others were huge compared to him. I'm not sure if he's cutting now or not.

      • Frankie does have to cut a bit to get to 145. In many interviews when asked about the change in class and its impact on his game he often states that he might be faster, and shouldn't have lost power.

        What I'm curious about is how big Aldo is. I wonder what he has to cut to hit 145. Where Edgar's 'natural' weight class could be 145, Perhaps Aldo is 155?

        Aldo has said he'll be the bigger man in the ring.

  • I love Frankie. I think he's an awesome guy, was a great Champion and hopefully will be again. As a Champion he reminds me a great deal of GSP, both in and out of the ring. Frankie Edgar is never going to embarrass the sport or give it a bad headline. He's just a nice guy. A family man and a professional. He shows up to fight and is always in shape and never misses weight or ducks fights. He's always been active, with the exception of injury. He has delivered exciting fight after exciting fight. You just couldn't ask for much more in a Champion.

    I like and respect Jose, but I'd like to see Frankie vindicated @ 145 for the decision losses that he took, which I believe he won, @ 155.

    Win or lose, it will be a great fight.

  • Karen is bigger than Frankie !!!

    • I bet he could get the take down though lol

  • Honestly I am at the I really don't know what to expect point too. Either way I expect crazy things in this fight. If Aldo wins this fight with ease I fant to see him at lightweight and fuck 145.

  • want^