Frankie Edgar sounds off on Jose Aldo’s latest comments


Frankie Edgar recently made his first video blog surrounding his upcoming superfight versus Jose Aldo Jr. for the Featherweight title. While appearing to be in good spirits overall, Edgar did address Aldo. The longtime 145 lb. champ has made some videos of his own, stating that Edgar will not make it too far against him. Edgar thinks quite the opposite will happen, via Bloodyelbow:

“UFC 156 – superfight with Jose Aldo. You know, I’m hearing he’s doing some video blogs in Portuguese saying I’m not gonna make it outta the first or second, third round whatever the case may be. Homeboy’s got something coming though.” 

This is a blockbuster title fight for the UFC’s Super Bowl Weekend show. Who will emerge victorious in Las Vegas with the belt in hand? Be sure to check out LowKick after the fight is over for the full Aldo vs. Edgar fight video highlights


  • This fight is going to be insane, both fighters have power, speed and great striking. This one has Fight of the night all over it. I gotta pick Frankie to take this though with a 4th round knockout.

    • I agree!
      There has only been a few times in the last couple of years with top 10 P4P fighters meeting each other in the Octagon (Cain vs. JDS, GSP vs. Condit, Frankie vs. Benson) and this could easily be the highest level one in a long, long time.

      • This is the highest level fight EVER in all MMA closely followed by GSP Condit with Jones Machida probably taking 3rd spot for highest level match ups in MMA.

        As far as the outcome of this fight everyone knows Aldo is a devastating finisher but he has never fought someone of Edgars level so who knows. I will be interested to see how Edgar copes with someone as fast as himself as for all the size and strength disadvantage he gave away at LW it was his speed combined with great skill the made him the champion he was and still is IMO, but there was no LW as quick as he was nor with as good footwork or cardio. Aldo really does need to work on his cardio because if he fails to finish Edgar he is going to have massive problems later in the fight.

        Personally I'm gonna say a 2nd round submission from Edgar by rear naked choke after some good ground and pound. Unlikely given Aldo's record. I will be very surprised if this goes the distance despite Edgar's track record as I think after being robbed badly and pressurised to drop a division when he should be defending his belt is gonna have him more up for this fight than any of his previous ones and he's as game as they come in the first place.

        • frankie is great and this should really be a champ vs champ fight since edgar got robbed 2 times however if aldo lands a big one like maynard he will finish no doubt about that

        • Sorry azzkika, but no…
          The highest level fight EVER in MMA is GSP vs Penn II. They were both top 1/2/3 p4p, while aldo and edgar are high, but maybe juste a step away from being both in the top 3.

          • At that time they were but MMA has moved on ALOT since then. Edgar and Aldo have completely different styles but each in their own way is brilliant. Remember Edgar dominated Penn at LW which makes him higher level than Penn as he beat him twice. You could say Royce vs Shamrock was highest level if you want to timeframe match ups, but overall this is the highest level, the only challenger being the recent GSP Condit.

    • OKAY i have to log in now.

      jose aldo is #2 p4p.

      he is not maynard or bendo, jose has a crazy killer instinct.

      he will DESTROY edgar.

      • I actually agree with you again……hard to believe. Aldo will show everyone just how good he really is.

        Edgar is going to get handled.

        • Have you ever seen Edgar getting handled easily?

      • Edgar's last 4 fights have been against massive lightweights. I respect Aldo's striking ability but I don't see him Dominating Frankie like he has most of his opponents.

  • I think it's a solid prediction to say if it goes to decision Frankie takes it and if it ends early it will be Jose.
    I just keep going back to the trouble Hominick gave Aldo in the late stages of their fight and Kenny Florian even reduced the effectiveness of Aldo by using grappling and a lot of takedown attempts…. if those two guys can use cardio and takedowns to keep Aldo of his game then Frankie will be a nightmare!

    Power advantage obviously goes to Aldo but honestly I can't confidently say who is the better striker, they are very different but up there at the top of the sport in striking skill level.

    I think the big question may be if Aldo can stop he takedowns. It might not be so Frankie can ride out the fight with top control but just to mix the game up and put Aldo off his game. Jose may have the best TDD in the game but Frankie didn't have trouble taking down Gray Maynard, Ben Henderson or even BJ Penn

  • P.S. Frankie… if your going to ake weekly Vlogs makes them more than a minute long please

  • I think Fe is not at Aldo's level, but then again who is? However the comments made about how epic this fight is are pretty ridiculous, specially when people are saying that Condit vs GSP is one of the fights with the highest level fighters, GSP vs Penn I comes to my mind, Rampage vs Wand I and II, Fedor vs Minotauro, Minotauro vs Couture, and believe me Aldo is at that level but Fe is far away from it…

    • Great point also Crocop vs Fedor

    • You're saying Penn is better than Condit at WW with that statement yet have the temerity to call others ridiculous lol.

      To clarify: Highest level bears no correlation to p4p rankings or division rankings. It is primarily the level skill of the two fighters combined getting in the cage. Apart from Edgar Aldo what other fights would you put above GSP Condit?

      • I was trying to think of better fights to put above both of them, and Demetrious Johnson-Benavidez/Cruz/McCall, Edgar vs. Gray, Penn vs. Sherk, GSP vs. Alves and Silva vs. Hendo were all insanely good in the context of the skill levels for both people entering the cage at the time of the fight.

        Aldo-Edgar might just be the best though.

        • vitor vs anderson
          jds vs cain
          machida vs jones
          edgar vs maynard
          gsp vs penn

          • @ One More Crappy Post

            As a Silva fan you are forgetting the following: Silva vs…Leben, Franklin, Lutter, Leites, Maia, Irvin, Griffin and Bonnar.

            These were also great examples of people entering the cage with with equal skill levels.

            ….cough, cough.

      • Couture vs Nogueira, BJ Penn vs GSP I, Fedor vs Nogueira, Machida vs Rúa, Rúa vs Lil Nog, Condit is nowhere near that level his fight against GSP was predictable because of the difference in talent, Hughes vs GSP is a good example of top skilled fighters, Fe just doesn't belong in that level, you guys are sounding like if Also vs Fe was the same level as Silva Jones, and honestly Fe is going to get his ass handed to him because Aldo is just on another level

  • Frankie was a bad-ass @ 155, I can only imagine that he'll be even better @ 145. And when we factor in that he's never been KO'd, TKO'd or submitted in a fight and all against larger adversaries, he looks even better. And when you consider that two of those losses (against Hendo in title bouts) were controversial decisions, with many fans not only giving the second fight to Edgar, but the first as well, Frankie looks like the toughest opponent Jose has ever faced.

    I know Aldo is a tough, tough fighter, but Frankie is no pushover and his cardio and wrestling are second to none. He has also demonstrated not only power, but true toughness and resiliency. Many the time now, Frankie has bounced back from, what were, ugly situations, where most other fighters probably would have folded. He is a Champion, with the heart of a Champion. There is no quit in Frankie Edgar.

    I'm sure the smart money will be on Aldo and maybe for good reason, but I'm going to pick Edgar in an upset. He has everything he needs to win. His path to success: out work, out hustle, out wrestle The Champ. If he can do that and avoid getting caught by one of Aldo's high-light reel moments, he should take it. Frankie Edgar by way of unanimous decision.

    • @MMA Truthiness

      "im sure the smart money will be on aldo"

      thanks for admitting you knowingly make bad picks on purpose.

      again aldo #2 p4p. enough said

      • @ One More Crappy Post

        I picked Edgar, because I'm an Edgar fan. As much as I like and respect Aldo, I have to go with the fighter I've supported longer and have come to both like and respect.

        If you're only intent as a "fan" of this sport is to support winners, then you are a loser. I support my fighters regardless of win or loss and even more so, when they face large, tough challenges. Aldo is all that and more. If Aldo wins, I will not be shocked. You on the other hand, I'm sure, will be quite shocked if Aldo loses.

        From what I can deduce of you, you seem to only like front-runners and sure things. That doesn't make you much of a fan, in my book. I'm sure if Anderson Silva were to lose two or three fights in a row, you'd be off his bandwagon, as you would be of Aldo's should he lose a few fights in a row. And if Frankie were to become Champ and win, win, win…you'd be a Frankie Edgar fan at the drop of a hat.

        And for the record if Aldo wins, great. He's a great fighter and a great Champion. I am not rooting against him, but rooting for a fighter I've supported for a long time. Should my guy lose, then good for Jose. He will have continued to prove his bona-fides as one of the best fighters on the planet. As all good Champions should do.

        Summing up – I don't think your fandom of any fighter is worth anything. You are a shallow, small minded twit, who never has anything positive to say about any fighter, other than the one's you support.

        Now run along, your mom is calling you for dinner.

        • i am realistic, i support the best fighter. thats all!

          • @ One More Crappy Post

            Realistic? Support "the best" fighter.

            You mean you're a band-wagon jumper. You like front-runners and sure-things. You're not a fan. You're a guy looking to place a bet and get paid. That is all. As I stated, for all your love of Anderson you'd dump him at the drop of a hat if he lost. Particularly if he hit a three or four fight losing streak. Which makes you no fan of anything.

          • dude your a gsp fan, that is an oxymoron in mma. how can one be a fan of lay and pray and then cheer for the finish?

          • @ One More Crappy Post

            Guy, I don't know if there's an "MMA For Dummies" book out there, but if there is, you should get a copy.

  • I love how fans still count out Edgar. They said he fluked it against Penn then dominated. MAny said he'd be owned by Maynard and beat him twice (yes the first was bullshit judging) Many said he'd get owned by Henderson and again was robbed. In fact for most of Edgar's career he has had his doubters and keep proving them wrong against the highest level. Apart from speed, Aldo doesn't have anything Edgar hasn't already faced whereas has a lot that Aldo has never faced. It is pretty much a coin toss because we know how devastating Aldo can be if he lands clean but we also know Edgar is as tough as they come and IMO the best all round skill set ever making him my p4p #1 and the reason I can't back the other guy, good as Aldo is.

    • ive never doubted frankie… aldo #2 p4p

  • Ok who has aldo beat besides. I would bet money frankie not only beats aldo but dominates him like Cain did to jds. Oh and hold on most of you guys also had cain losing that fight. Come fight night your going to see a true p4p fighter in frankie vs a man that should not be considered p4p. Argument who has he beat that makes him so go. A bunch of 135ers kenflo. Who?

  • Came in to say this is a good opportunity for Aldo to become an Icon….but very hard work ahead of him….if he wins he should fight KZ and move up….there will be no more competition for him at FW.