Frankie Edgar officially moves down to Featherweight


This week’s edition of “UFC Tonight” has confirmed something that has speculated upon for quite some time. Former UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will indeed make the drop to fight in the 145 lb. division. After spending almost two-and-a-half years fully entrenched in the 155 lb. title scene due to six fights with three rematches, Edgar will now cut weight to make Featherweight.

Recent weeks have shown a ton of controversy surrounding Edgar, as many thought that he had won his controversial decision loss to Benson Henderson at UFC 150 in Denver. While it could have easily gone his way, the call for Edgar to drop weights was louder than it ever had been after he dropped two in a row to current champ Henderson. This was an idea that Edgar had previously dismissed, and was visibly sick of talking about in the weeks leading up to UFC 150.

However, it appears that he has had a change of heart, and will drop down to face fighters more in his size range. UFC President Dana White has publicly stated that Edgar will not receive an immediate title shot against current 145 lb. champion Jose Aldo should Aldo defeat number one contender Erik Koch at UFC 153. Edgar will need to win at least one fight according to White, and many have speculated that it will be against former title challenger Chad Mendes. Another possibly exciting opponent could be Chan Sung Jung.

In any case, Frankie Edgar is looking to make his debut at his new home before the end of the year. With some stacked cards coming up in the near future, Edgar’s debut at a new weight class should add fuel to the fire. Will he roll his way through the 145 lb. division after fighting much larger fighters throughout his whole career? Or will he find new challenges amongst the lighter weights? Will Frankie Edgar become Featherweight champion?

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  • Interesting move after arguably beating Benson Henderson. This will definitely bring alot of attention to the 145 division though. Good move Frankie, good luck.

  • I don’t like this move ONLY because I feel like he was forced to move down by Dana and the UFC. That said, it may be the best thing for him.

  • Can he jump between divisions every now and then? It´s only 10 pounds, is it allowed? Frankie´s a ruthless, hungry champion, I´d hate for his hunger to whither away because he feels unchallenged in 145. Other than Jose Aldo which has dominated, I can´t see anyone in 45 doing any damage. Frankie has faced much bigger opponents throughout his career; he won´t even feel 145 lb. punches.

  • Xavier, this might be one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard… half the guys at 145 were once 155lbers as well. He won’t feel the punches? It’s 10 lbs difference.

  • it would have been nice to see FE work his way on the LW title shot again – could have given him guilard, miller, varner, guida. And then face the winner of lauzon-maynard or loser of cowboy-showtime.
    I know i’m the minority here at that it would be awesome to see him against Aldo on FW, but what happens then if he lost his first fight? go against hominick or siver?
    Until then we’ll just have to wait on Ebersole’s LW debut – Guilard would be a great match.

  • Good “decision”.

  • Frankie won 2,4 and 5

  • It is not everyday that I agree with Hunter so I will cherish the moment……..ok…now……145 is as hard if not harder than 155…Aldo, Zombie, Mendez, Koch,…plenty of fights for FE…..and maybe in the future even Cruz or Barao.

  • This is a good move for his longevity but not sure about success.

    At LW he was the #1 fighter and only had one real loss, if he was to be beat in the future it was likely due to size which is understandable.
    At FW if he loses it will look really bad as there is no size disadvantage and a loss will be a reflection on skills rather than weight.
    Also in terms of success, I doubt he will be bale to be a champion unless Aldo moves up. I have Frankie as the 5th best fighter alive but IMO Jose is just a bit better and a bad match up for Frankie, unfortunately.

    I would like Frankie to stay at LW because he is the best guy in that weight class but I guess this path leads to a rare and true superfight with Aldo!

  • When I say true superfight I mean when two blockbuster fighters who are head and shoulders above everyone else, true phenoms and in their prime.

    In the last decade there hasn’t been a lot, some examples are Fedor vs. Cro Cop, GSP vs. Penn 2 and Cain vs. JDS.

    Ones to look out for in the future as Silva vs. GSP, GSp vs. Diaz, Cain vs. JDS 2 and of course Aldo vs. Edgar!

  • Makes sense size-wise for Edgar, but he will be noticeably “slower” in a new faster division. He should be able to move into title contention fairly quickly though, but if Aldo is still champ I do not see Edgar beating him.

  • That’s how I feel as well, he will run through and probably get a few finishes over everyone and anyone who isn’t named Aldo at 145

  • obvious how that meeting went.

    Dana: You just had an immediate rematch and now have 2 losses against the current champ, as long as hendo has the belt you’re not getting another title shot.

  • Boom. KFC double shot.

  • I hope Frankie likes hamburger meat….cuz thats what his legs are gonna be if he makes it to Aldo.

  • Even though he should still be the lightweight champ. He can beat aldo and that will be a bad ass fight

  • Have to disagree with Keith about the super fight – It is an awesome fight but far away from super…Frankie never dominated the division as Aldo,GSP,AS,Jones….he had a bunch of controversial wins followed by controversial loses with exeption of the Maynard KO….Pen,Maynard,Bendo…all the same storie…was tired of all the rematches already…

  • Not gonna fight Poirier they are main training partners . I dont think Dana will sacrifice Zombies entertaining value so Mendes seems most likely

  • It´s not dumb. It´s ignorance. I never really followed that division until Jose Aldo came into the scene. So, that comment was made without knowing about the division in depth. My bad.

  • He should just get to the title match, fight Aldo, hopefully beat him (I´m a huge Aldo fan, just thinking about Edgar´s future here) and then move back up to 155. Frankie Edgar put´s fear in 155er´s hearts so I really think he belongs in that division and not 45.

  • HunterB, what do 155 lbers walk around normally?

  • Usually between 160-175

  • This guy is goiing to beat aldo, he tore up bigger guys in his (old) division. He is going to be the new champ. Sorry Aldo N. huggers. Kids good, but Frankie’s better

  • So they would have greater natural power than 145ers? Or do 145ers usually walk around at 160-75 too?

  • just add 20 pounds to a weight limit and most guys usually walk around that weight on under it slightly for the weight class they fight in, and the heavier you are the more natural power you have generally.

  • Got it. Thanks David.

    So technically, my statement was correct, HunterB. lol. I´m just messing with you. Again, I never really followed that division so I didn´t know 145 lbers had the same power as 155lbers. 155lbers just seem alot bigger than the guys at 145, so my conclusion was that 145lbers actually put more weight on to get to that weight class and 155lbers cut weight to get to 155. You follow me?

  • It depends, most guys probably work off like 15 pounds to get in to shape then another 10 before weigh ins but some guys like Aldo will do a lot more than tht

  • It’s not about being the size (for a change), Aldo’s stand up skills are just unreal. If Ben’s kicks gave Frankie trouble then what will a kick from Jose Junior feel like?

  • No problem with you disagreeing but I would say Frankie ruled while he was on top except the Maynard draw – Dominant decision over BJ Penn, A KO over Maynard, close decision over Ben (in reality) and another decision over Ben is quite a stacked list of title defenses

  • I feel the same way UG. I also think it is evident that he could fight his way back to the LW title. That said, he will take a lot less damage fighting guys his own size and have a longer, healthier carrier and retirement. So I also agree that is could be the best thing for him. I see him as the only real threat to Jose Aldo.

  • @ Xavier L; Power doesn’t just come from size or strength. Technique is just as important. There are guys at 145 that hit like MWs and there are guys at HW who just throw arm punches and hit like WWs. Jose Aldo will hit Frankie harder than anyone else he has fought. I still think Frankie can win that fight though.

  • Good point but ben’s legs are as big as St. Pierres. I think frankie would still win, I hope this fight happens soon.

  • You can’t just add 20 lbs to every weight class. It’s exponentially higher or lower depending on the weight class. 20 lbs is going to be easier to drop from a LHW frame as opposed to a FW frame.

  • Shout out to Frankie for holding it down in the LW division close to fighting weight. It was a pleasure watching him beat all those bigger guys. Much respect.

  • I think frankie with the right strategy will smash benson…but it’s a loooooong way to beat aldo

  • Simple answer for that question… No.

  • Or not

  • I agree Him and Aldo would have a blood bath man talk about an exciting fight!

  • You forget Edgar started punishing Hendos kicks and returned with his own as the fight went on.

  • The real LW champion in my book and an established p4p great up there with GSP and the rest skill wise. Interesting to see him at FW his speed advantage will have gone but his size and strength disadvantage will have too.

    Shame he was robbed as I was so looking forward to him and Diaz fight now I may never get to witness it but given how retarded judging is in UFC and how LWs can be super tough to finish when you give up so much strength and size maybe a move down will be good for Edgar though I am gutted for him and MMA in general that the real champion has been robbed of his title and now forced to move down a division following the robbery.

    I am also gutted that one of the most skilled fighters is leaving the deepest most skilled division that ever existed. Two wins over BJ and many more top names and totally outclassing Hendo last time proves he is the best LW yet the madness that DW is bringing to bear on UFC lately seems to have no end.