Frank Mir to Daniel Cormier: Be careful what you wish for


Speaking at last weekend’s MMA Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, Frank Mir seemed very positive about the opportunity to welcome Daniel Cormier in his first fight inside the UFC Octagon. Mir was originally scheduled to square off against Cormier in Strikeforce, but a knee injury suffered in training prevented from the two-time UFC Heavyweight champion to test the undefeated A.K.A. product.

Mir was very respectful discussing Cormier’s abilities as a fighter, but still declared that DC should be careful with his sheer desire to face who’s still considered by many as one of the top Heavyweights on the planet.

Here’s what Frank Mir had to say about fighting Cormier:

“I’m hoping Cormier has a good outing against his opponent, which I can’t recall his name right now…which the fact that we all don’t know his name very well, I’m assuming that means that he should do well and hopefully come through unscathed so that he can do what he wants, which is come into the UFC and I can be more than happy welcome him.

I think you know, always be careful what you wish for. I think that his wrestling will definitely be tested in our fight. My submissions have the ability to definitely change outcomes of fights pretty quickly.”

  • I was really impressed with many aspect of Cormier the other night. I like him. Mir is no slouch. My prediction will be that Cormier will underestimate Mir, knowing he is the better wrestler, and get subbed. On the other hand Mir could get KO'd. Mir in 2

    • D

      Cormier and AKA are not stupid. They know that Cormier have HUGE speed advantage on the feet, and they know how good Mir is on the ground. Cormier will keep this fight standing for the majority of the time. He may go for late round takedowns to seal rounds or follow Mir to the ground when he puts him there with a punch, but there will be very few opportunities for Mir to go for a submission.

      Cormier by TKO in round 2.

  • War Mir!

    Kneebars all round!

  • like em both , but i am sure dan is smart enough to realize mir has suspect chin, and will capitalize , he would be stupid to wrestle the bjj specialist.

    • Calling Mir a bjj specialist is kind of misleading. Fabricio Werdum is a bjj specialist. Thales Leites is a bjj specialist. Demian Maia bjj is a specialist. Frank Mir is a bjj monster. The problem is he doesn't have a monster chin. He doesn't go to sleep, but he gets rocked easliy. This will be an interesting fight.

      • sure he gets rocked but look at the people throwing the punches. he gets rocked because he fights people known for their power

        • while that is mostly true, Nog almost KO'd him and Mir was probably out at one point.

          He got TKO'd by Vera as well

          • I account the Vera fight mostly to Mir's recovery from the accident, but Nog had him really rocked. Nog isn't really known for his power striking, though he does have pretty good hands. Yes he KO'd Schaub, but Schaub has shown his glass chin on more than one occasion now. Like I said before, he gets rocked easily, which often leads to a TKO(Lesnar, Carwin, Vera, almost Nog) but he has never really been put out cold.

  • I think Cormier will use his wrestling to keep it way will Mir be capable of taking him down if he does not want to go…But Mir is no slouch in the power department either. I will take Cormier though by decision over a gassed Mir.

    • Solid predicition of how the fight will go, I wonder how Cormier would react to Mir pulling guard?
      JDS got right out of there when Mir tried to jump guard by Cormier, being a lifelong wrestler, might insticually take the chance to get top position and that could lead right in to Mir's attack

  • Like them both. Love Mir.

    If I was Mir I'd say kick away and don't worry about or invite, the TD. If pushed up against the fence jump guard. And as BJ Penn might say…be first.

    Personally, I think FM stands in front of his opponents too much and could benefit from not training in his own camp. He should really be training with a wrestling focused crew.

    Got to go with my boy and pick FM, but if Cormier wins, that's cool. It will only confirm what he all suspect. He's a great fighter and a real threat to be Champ of either the HW or LHW division.

  • Mir won't be able to take Cormier down and if they stand I believe Cormier will KO Mir. Cormier has great power and speed.

  • Cormier wins via Round 1 TKO.

  • Go Frank!!!! (and I am a big Cormier fan)

  • This should be an interesting matchup. Can't call this one, but will be rooting for the new guy.

  • I don't know what it is about Frank, but I don't really like him. It could be his billy goat face.. Go Cormier.