Frank Mir: It Was A Bad Stoppage, The Fans Got Robbed


Last night at UFC 164 from Milwaukee, former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir was thoroughly handled by fellow former champ Josh Barnett on the feet, losing a first round stoppage via TKO. While “The Warmaster” looked every part of the destructive master he claimed to be, the fight showed no signs of the potential grappling war that many were hoping it turned out to be.

It was not without controversy, however, as Mir protested the referee stoppage as being too early. He believed himself coherent and able to fight on. Speaking at the post-fight conference, Mir believes he was “screwed,” causing the fans to lose out in the process:

“Obviously I thought it was a bad stoppage. We’re fighters. If every fight was stopped on any kind of a flash shot or anything like that — actually, I took the knee, and I remember going, ‘s— I’m in a bad position.’ And that’s why I dropped my other knee out from underneath me so that could fall to the ground and make sure I didn’t take a second one. And I actually looked at the referee stopping it.”

“I think the fans got robbed. I got screwed over. The fact that I trained so hard for that fight to keep up a pace that I knew I could have driven hard through for three rounds. Say what you will about Jackson’s camp and game planning, [but] everybody comes in shape. I showed up in shape on the scale, I showed up in shape out there, with my motivation — it sucks to do everything right and just have the door shut on you.”

Mir may believe that he was done an injustice at last night’s co-main event from Milwaukee, but from my point of view, he’s lucky they didn’t let the fight continue. It was a one-sided battle that mainly featured Barnett landing hard punches and brutal knees, and Mir was unable to mount a significant offense.

He may feel that he did everything right in preparation for the fight, but the bottom line is that a better man outdid him last night. Barnett has much to prove in his first Octagon contest in eleven years, and he announced his presence loudly as he’s been known to do.

Did you think their fight was stopped too early last night? It looked like even though Mir recovered quickly from Barnett’s last (And biggest) knee, he was done for a split second there. The referee can’t expect him to instantly come back to life. Fedor Emelianenko’s knockout loss to Dan Henderson comes to mind.

Meanwhile, “The Warmaster” will look to stalk down the rest of the division. Who should he square off with next Fabricio Werdum? Mark Hunt? 

  • sorry franky but in my eyes the stoppage was good, the ref just saved you a bit of extra damage. why isnt anyone talking about barnett? i dont think ive ever seen anyone bully mir about as much as he did and literally forced his will on him. not the most technical fight but a good ole barn burner!

    • D

      Very similar to his fight with Carwin. Carwin was just more methodical about setting it up.

  • Like Dana said, whats a ref nobody has ever seen doing in the co-main event?

    Early stoppage. I thought it was an exciting fight until then cause they both came out aggressive. Guys have taken worse and come back to win.

  • These guys deserves a chance to fight out in those kind of situations, they train to hard, and for to long, give them a couple extra seconds to be sure, come back can happen, esp for Mir.

    • D

      A lot of damage can be done to an unconscious man in a few seconds, especially be a heavyweight. It's not worth it. Mir was done. He has one comeback win in his career, because a guys ego made him stupidly go for a submission. Barnett was just going to bounce his head off the cage and or canvas. It was over.

    • You're exactly right David.

      Bad stoppage, and Mir earned the right to be given extra time. Especially after the Big Nog second fight.

  • It was an early stop but I suspect it would have ended the same way. I would have waited two or three more punches on the ground to ensure he wasn't defending himself. The proof is in how quickly Mir jumped up. The knee stunned him to the ground but his head was clear and had Barnett followed him to the ground the fight might have gotten more interesting. When your job is to ensure a fighter doesn't take any more damage than he has too it's a tough call.

    • I think that's what annoys about it more than anything Doc. Not only did Mir get screwed out of a chance to weather the storm so to say, but Barnett lost a chance to have a good clear first round stoppage (IMO). I think there are plenty out there now that have the stoppage come to mind along with Barnett's great performance.

  • David your "to" instead of too makes me confused reading your comment lol

    • I am a type machine, I used to proof read my comments, but figured most people could figure out what i meant.

  • Poor decision stopping the fight that early. Really anticlimatic. I wouldn't be opposed to a rematch…

  • In think it was a good stoppage. How quickly a fighter recovers is not the issue. Frank went totally limp. If the ref hadn't stopped it he would have eaten a few more and been stopped anyway. He was getting manhandled.

    • and I would love to see Barnett V Werdum. Mir V Overeem would be good too.

      • D

        I like both of those matchups. Give the winner of the first the title shot. The other is as good a matchup of two guys on 2 fight loosing streaks you'll ever see.

  • THE STOPPAGE WAS TERRIBLE PERIOD. But the fight would have ended like Mir vs Carwin so it is not that bad for Franky. But it is bad for mma. Seriously is it soo hard to be a good judge in this sport ?


    Reports of multiple attacks by mutant "zombies" in the area surrounding the anti-doping lab used to test last night's athletes after Josh Barnett's urine sample was accidentally spilled.

  • Frank looked knocked out to me no matter how many times I see it, it wasn't like he just dropped down to one knee, he dropped down on all 4 and his head would have face planted if he wasn't held up by Barnett. But what would a Frank Mir fight be without him and his excuses afterwards.

    • I agree, he looked out. Kind of like he did against Nog in their 2nd fight. The difference is, Barnett was still trying to knock his head off where Nog tried for a sloppy submission. Mir likely would not have recovered with Barnett on top of him.

  • it was not a a bad stoppage. he was clearly out. he dropped, his eyes were closed, and he completely went limp, instead of holding himself up with his hands, his shoulders even slouched down, completely gone until the ref stopped the fight then he woke back up , he just needs to admit it.

  • The simplest way to sort this out is a rematch !!!

  • It was a good stoppage. A refs job is not to consider how fast a guys recovers from a knockout (clearly he was. Briefly) their main priority is the fighters safety. To say it should have went on is to say: let's make sure all fighters are completely unconscious and lifeless before it is stopped. This isn't boxing. A quick recovery isn't part of the sport.

  • And no way to a rematch. That would be robbing Barnett of moving up the ladder after a clear victory.

  • They should definitely let that fight continue from where it was stopped early. Say, put them on the next card. Start with however much time there was left in the round and let Josh slap Frank around a few times and land 1 big knee in the clinch and then start the fight and not stop it until Mir is completely out.

    But seriously, I do believe it was a little premature. Mir deserved the chance for a comeback however small that chance was. I also believe he wasn't gonna last another 10 seconds, Barnett has a very strong top game.

  • The rematch will have the same outcome