Frank Mir Didn’t Train With Greg Jackson For UFC 169 Bout With Alistair Overeem


Frank Mir will face the toughest challenge of his entire MMA career on Saturday, as he faces Alistair Overeem on the main card of the stacked UFC 169 event. Not only will he face one of the most talented stand up fighters in the division, but he does it on the back of three straight losses for the promotion.

Similarly, Overeem is on a bad run at the moment; riding two straight knockout losses to Travis Browne and Antonio Silva. Last Night’s episode of ‘UFC Tonight’ revealed that Mir did not train with Greg Jackson for this bout, and nor will the famed trainer appear in his corner on fight night. Ariel Helwani confirmed the news via twitter:

The five time title challenger and former champion Frank Mir has elected to train in his hometown of Las Vegas in the run up to his 169 bout against ‘The Demolition Man’. Similarly, ‘The Reem’ moved his training camp away from The Blackzilians and over to Thailand.

There is a good chance that we will see a different Mir, as well as a different Overeem at UFC 169, but who will come better prepared? Mir looked better than usual for his bout against Daniel Cormier, but was still unable to pull a win out of the bag. His cardio was much improved and he didn’t gas too badly over the three round affair at UFC on Fox: Henderson vs. Melendez.

His improved physical condition didn’t prove very helpful against Josh Barnett at UFC 164, as he was ran through in just under two minutes. Will keeping his camp in Las Vegas prove to be a wise move, or one that costs him his storied UFC career? Only time will tell.

  • He can train on Pluto for all i care, he'd still get smashed!

  • I don't think Mir has a shot, He's not going to take Overeem down I don't think. I think Overeem hurts him early and puts him away before the end of round 1

  • Almost every "decent" striker whoops Mir. Mir's too plodding and slow to start.
    I remember the explosiveness I saw in Mir when he got up from being controlled by Brock at UFC100 and Mir hurt Brock, but was taken back down. If only Mir would be that explosive from the start and not let others tee off on him or press against the cage.
    Mir needs a good game planner. Maybe Jackson could have helped, but Mir is no wrestler.