Frank Mir injured, out of Strikeforce bout with Cormier


The UFC injury bug has just crossed over to its “sister” promotion. Former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been forced to withdraw from his highly anticipated crossover match with Daniel Cormier in Strikeforce.

The news has been lighting up Twitter for the past hour:

The Strikeforce card on which Cormier and Mir were supposed to fight was scheduled for November 3 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mir is coming off a loss to UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos.

This was to be Cormier’s final fight with Strikeforce as the promotion was going to close out its Heavyweight division with this bout. Cormier would then have gone on to the UFC and a victory over Mir could have secured a title shot for Cormier in his Octagon debut.

It is unknown whether Cormier will face a new opponent or be removed from the card, completely.
The remainder of the card features a title fight between Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold and challenger Lorenz Larkin.

  • ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! Every single fight i DARE to look forward to gets cancelled!!!

  • im sorry but this is getting stupid. how can you expect the sport to grow when you cant even keep the card the same as announced? may as well announce completely random fights and hopefully by the time the event happens the fighters we want to see will of had to step in to replace injured fighters

  • im sorry if that doesn’t make sense im just so annoyed my ability to form intelligent comments is failing me

  • DG1

    is o.k paulol too for me and comment good. See and for how to read ha! You and me say for same ha! *facpolm* 🙂 =

    mir and to fight for weeks to get cormier see takedown. Is for mir real hurt or for fake so not lose to cormier *facepolm*


  • is overreem still suspended? would be a good one too.

  • give him dos santos cain had his chance and he got ktfo

  • Lol u must really hate DC…. but yes he’s still suspended til December

  • Terrible News….

  • This is getting scary. I think they have to fing a way to stop that trend otherwise it’s gonna hurt the sport badly.
    People are gonna get tired of waiting for events that eventually get canceled and fights that in the end never happen.

  • YEAH! lets’ write comments about nerds writing comments because we’re nerds! HELL YEAH!

  • Is it really a coincidence that so many high-caliber fighters are pulling out of fights because of “injuries”? We don’t hear of as many non-stars in the game doing the same… I’m starting to think that some of these excuses are probably made up/invented. But I may be wrong…………

  • Whatever with the “nerds” BS, the dude is asking a legitimate question.

  • Exactly. Is a problem (Brazilian accent).

  • I like Mir, but whatever the case may be for this cancelation, I think he dodged a bullet. Or in DC’s case, a suplex

  • What the….. Did I just get asked on a date?

  • Glad I haven’t bought tickets yet. I will probably still get tickets….

  • actually I think that cormier would beat overreem.