Francis Ngannou Knocks Alistair Overeem Stiff In Detroit

Raj Mehta for USA TODAY Sports

Alistair Overeem’s night ended quickly at the hands of Francis Ngannou.

The stage was set for a heavyweight tilt between a veteran combat sports bruiser and a surging power puncher. Overeem vs. Ngannou served as UFC 218’s co-main event.

Overeem lunged early with a left hook. He went to the clinch, but Ngannou’s strength held up. The action was broken up and they returned standing. Ngannou blasted Overeem with a huge left hand that put him out.

Final Result: Francis Ngannou def. Alistair Overeem via KO (punch) – R1, 1:42

  • Bill Wolf

    That should earn Francis Ngannou his title shot.

    • NateDogg

      100%!!! Francis is a MONSTER!!! I was curious whether he can keep up with Alistair, but boy did he deliver…
      I’m definitely sold now. To be honest, i think he will stop Stipe in the first round too. His power is something else. It’s like he’s from another planet.
      Daaamn i’m so fired up now….

      • Bill Wolf

        I’m cheering for Stipe Miocic. I want to see him break they heavyweight record for title defenses.

        But Francis Ngannou has clearly made himself the one best challenger, and he is a legitimate star. It’s an exciting confrontation.

        • NateDogg

          Against anybody else i would cheer for Stipe too, but i can’t go against Ngannou. Like i said, i’m sold. His story is amazing and he also seems to be a nice guy. One can only hope, that he is clean and keeps out of trouble. Don’t want to have the second Jone Jones.

          • Bill Wolf

            That’s another good thing about Francis Ngannou: he seems to be doing everything to keep himself out of trouble, healthy, and safely on weight on weigh-in day.

            It’s hard to cheer for a man who beats himself, and easy to cheer for a man who does his best and can only be beaten by his opponent.

  • Draven

    early stoppage.