Former Teammate: Piece Of S*it Jon Jones Should Do More Coke

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Rising welterweight contender Colby Covington has recently become one of the most outspoken fighters on the UFC roster and his latest target was troubled former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones hasn’t competed since scoring a third-round TKO victory over Daniel Cormier, which was later changed to a no-contest, this past July at UFC 214 to reclaim the 205-pound title, but he was stripped of it after the bout when it was made clear that he had once again failed a USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) drug test.

Prior to that setback, Jones had tested positive for multiple banned substances in July 2016, which forced him out of his scheduled UFC 200 rematch with Cormier just days before the event. He also tested positive for cocaine metabolites surrounding his first fight with “DC”, which took place at UFC 182 in January 2015.

With that in mind, Covington, who is a former teammate of “Bones’”, feels as if Jones is ‘fake’, also labeling the ex-champion as a ‘piece of s*it dirtbag’ who should ‘do some more coke’:

“I’m saying truths, I’m saying facts,” Covington said on a recent edition of Submission Radio. “I mean, I’m just speaking my mind. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to speak my mind in this world. I think I know him more than most people since I lived together with him for two years. The guy’s a fake, man, just… his little fucking baby-faced tweets to Georges St-Pierre, it just got under my skin. He’s just trying to act like a saint, ‘oh, I’m praying for you.’ Shut up, man. Go do some more coke, go cheat on your wife some more, man. You’re a piece of shit dirtbag. He was difficult as shit to live with. The guy was dirty, man, he stunk, he didn’t shower, man. The guy was just a mess, man. He was getting into partying and all that bad stuff back then. He was just going down the wrong path, but he always tried to act like a saint, ‘oh, I’m into religion, I’m all about god,’ this and that. He’s just fooling all the fans, he needs to be exposed for the real person that he is, because he ain’t this saint and good person like he tries to act like he is.”

Jones is currently temporarily suspended by USADA as he awaits for the details surrounding his latest drug test failure to unfold. Covington, on the other hand, has won five-straight fights, most recently scoring a decision victory over former title challenger Demain Maia.

What do you make of Covington’s comments?

  • Fester

    [Jones is currently temporarily suspended by USADA as he awaits for the details surrounding his latest drug test failure to unfold.]
    What “DETAILS” are in doubt, are those tests reliable,consistent and credible or not;
    the reputation and livelihood of athletes are at stake, as well as potentially an entire sport.

    • Uxzuigal

      I would not go as far as saying the entire sport. Jon Jones isn’t the face of MMA “anymore” – and thank god for that.

      • Fester

        If (IF) exonerated, would Jones not be the only unbeaten champion in UFC history; apparently he does occupy some unique place in the organization.

    • FeministFriendly

      Apparently the guilty verdict isn’t in just yet, like you said a persons whole career could be at stake so you want to take the time it takes to be sure.

      But he’s starting to stack up a little reputation by now in between the bad behavior and drugs in general thats worth discussion.

  • Indiana Rick

    Sounds like a little bitch

  • Bill Wolf

    If a man stinks, not everyone is going to like his stink.

  • FeministFriendly


    Although its probably a justifiably honest if crude statement, Colby might want to ease back for a minute on the opinions about minorities after the dirty animals incident.

    I dont think the guys a racist or it would have come out in the gyms where he’s trained with Jon and tyrone and people who would have noticed it and said something. You cant just be a racist and be part of a gym team and people just ignore that.

    But in the media thats the way they’re going to paint a picture if you give them the paints.

    • Haze303

      Dont even start, idiots like you are the ones who see a arsonist starting the fire, and ask, dude, you need more fuel to add? Cmon, stop being such a moron, we have too much of this “is he or isnt he a racist, because he used the english word boy”… only in america, the land of da IDJOTS!

  • Haze303

    Doesnt matter if he got the PED´s by snorting coke or if he took it willingly, he is a bad influence to his fans, to kids who are growing up with idols like Jon actingl like scumbags driving under the influence and worse, fleeing the scene, he should have been banned when that happened, he almost killed people, he gets away with, he has cheated with peds, he came back, he apparently dont know how to take responsibility of his own actions, so why would anyone believe he will ever start to act like the responsible superstar with multi million following, he wont, if he hasnt now, he will never, i think Colby is so right, he is a scumbag, fake ass junkie, who propably loves when he gets away with fooling everyone! A true narcissist! No doubt about it! So stop F:ing protecting him, you are just enabling this big spoiled baby boy! CUT HIM OFF, and throw it away, its bad meat! Dont eat it! And Colby is no racist, dont even start you idiot!