Former Boxing Champion Involved In Las Vegas Assault


Troubled boxer Adrien Broner was involved in a brutal knockout assault caught on video on the Las Vegas strip.

The 28-year-old Broner was seen on video pushing a female acquaintance before unloading a haymaker on what appears to be an unsuspecting male victim. The victim dropped immediately as Broner took off.

Check out the video right here:

According to TMZ, it’s still unclear whether or not Broner knew the guy, or if he just got in the way of his assault. TMZ says security talked to Broner, but let him go and no arrest was made. No word back yet from Broner’s camp.

Broner has had his share of troubles over the past few years, from threatening suicide on social media to being found in an SUV riddled with gunshots last spring.

He has also faced robbery charges in the past, and was charged with battery after choking a waitress in October.

Broner last fought against Mikey Garcia in Brooklyn, in a fight he lost by unanimous decision.

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