Mayweather vs Guerrero: Champ makes comeback after two months in jail, retains title


Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, tonight was a great night of solid and entertaining fights. There was a lot of hype surrounding the return of Floyd Mayweather and the beginning of his newly signed 6-fight deal with Showtime/CBS.

Would ring rust be a factor? At the age of 36 would his age begin to show? Has he lost any speed, timing, reflexes, footwork or power?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO. In fact Mayweather has never looked better. He beat Guerrero to the punch on multiple occasions, landing 50% of his power shots, a statistic that in this fight was 10% higher than his average of 40%.

While Guerrero definitely brought the fight to Mayweather with a lot of hard work, solid body shots and decent jabs, Mayweather was ultimately way too fast and slick for his opponent to keep up with and Guerrero simply never had the chance to catch Mayweather with anything solid or significant.

The fight of the night in my opinion however had to be Abner Mares vs Daniel Ponce de Leon. The two South American friends who happen to have the same promoter and manager gave the crowd quite a show.

Mares and De Leon went at it from the bell, trading power shots, flurries, combo’s, the fight was a great display of solid boxing skills from both fighter, with a good mix of brawling and technical boxing. Mares turned out to be simply too much for De Leon, anding more shots overall and dropping him twice.

The  stoppage however was not without controversy. De Leon was dropped and popped right back up ready to fight, the fighters re-commenced and Mares landed a few more solid right hands. De Leon was defending and throwing back, but the referee decided he had taken enough and called the match.

Watching the fight personally, it was defintely an early stoppage especially considering De Leon was a champion. He should have been given an opportunity to fight his way out of it, his eyes were focused, he kept his defense and even continued to throw, but regardless, he was definitely losing on the scorecards. Either way, we’ll never know.

Check out the fight results below:

Floyd Mayweather def. Robert Guerrero via uNanimous decision (117-111 x3)

Abner Mares def. Daniel Ponce de Leon via TKO (referee stoppage) at 2:20 of round 9

Leo Santa Cruz def. Alexander Munoz by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:05 of round 5

J’Leon Love def. Gabriel Rosado via split decision (95-94 Rosado, (97-92 Love, 95-94 Love)

Did you watch the fights? Let us know what you thought!

  • Big props goes out to Floyd & The Money Team for once again showing these non-believers that you can't keep a real brotha down! Shout out to Robert G for showing up & doing absolutly nothing TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT MT TMT TMT TMT

  • that fight was so boring

  • btw, klitschko won yesterday as well…. *snore*

  • i tried to watch this fight last night and what a snoozefest i respect both athletes but boxing has nothing on mma

    • I actually watched every fight on the card(first time in a while) it was great night of fights. You shouldn't be so ignorant everyone should know how Mayweather fights by now. If you think mma has nothing on boxing I'd advise you to watch the Leo Santa Cruz fight(youtube will have it soon enough), it was insane the ref let them fight close in and didn't interfere so both dudes were throwing bombs non stop toe to toe close range. I actually needed a break after 4 rounds of that fight coz it was mind blowing to watch. I actually enjoyed the Masterclass Maywather put on, however if you have a short attention span or don't appreciate that style I could understand why you found that fight boring but don't judge a whole sport by one fight. I seriously advise to watch the Santa Cruz fight though, if you do send me message and tell me what you thought.

      • Couldn't agree more. I didn't know many fighters on the card, but every fight was pretty entertaining. Even the Mayweather fight.

        If you didn't find any of those fights fun to watch then boxing is just not for you because clearly don't understand the intricacies and beauty of the sport.

        Great fights. De Leon vs Mares was my personal favorite.

        • I don't see how any fight fan couldn't enjoy the 2 fights before the main event, I understand people not enjoying the Mayweather fight even though I did. The De Leon fight was great to watch but it's a shame the ref stopped the fight when he did. I had given up on boxing I'm ashamed to say but my faith has been restored.

  • Guerrero was way out of his league last night, but, hey, he still got a nice paycheck nonetheless. He was destroyed by the great Money May.

    • Got destroyed

      • If you watched the fight, you'd see that he didn't get destroyed at all. Guerrero came to fight and fought hard, he never gave up and never got beat up at any point. He was in the fight the entire time, he just wasn't getting the better of the exchanges.

        But he landed a lot of good body shots and showed his toughness. Mayweather stayed in the pocket and went at him, both fighters were solid Mayweather was simply too fast and slick.

        • gm1

          Yeah whatever….and Guerreros stupid dad was talking all that crap that theyu were going to beat the woman beater…

          hahahaha…what a joke…..your boy got school….b%^ched out….

          • Many people enjoy pulling for whoever won. It's easy because then your fighter always wins. I guess for some people it's easy to just forget what a scumbag Mayweather is in real life. There are countless examples and racist interviews. The guy is garbage. He is a very talented piece of garbage. But in the end this guy is a joke. It's a shame Manny lost recently. It was always satisfying when Mayweather would always make his excuses for ducking him.

        • Mayweather had 1 round where he outclassed Guerrero. The rest of the fight seemed pretty close. Mayweather spent most the fight on the back foot and Guerrero landed good body shots in every round. I actually thought it a tough fight to call due to Mayweather being on the back foot. The only thing that ruined it for me was the commentators who seemed to ignore all the early body shots landed until about round 5/6 onwards by which time they were calling saying Guerrero had to win every round when I thought Guerrero was actually ahead. But hey ho, barring a KO the visitor rarely wins in America these days such is the corruption of the sport.

    • Shut down convincingly. His Dad is a punk too trying to start **** with May after the fight was over.

      Nice little 3 million dollar paycheck.

      • Yep, you can't hit what you can't see. Guerrero had no shot whatsoever.

      • gm1

        wow…3million…..WHAT A JOKE…..

        An MMA fighter on any Prelim Card would kick the crap out of either Mayweather or Guererro…. and they only get paid 8-20K epr fight…

    • gm1

      Your comments tell me it was a piece of crap fight…..and Guerrero is a joke but he got a nice paycheck….

      Either one of boxers now a days get paid way too much for their so called talent and performance….

  • DG1

    Oh, for the days of Tyson, Holyfield (in prime), Vargas, and Trinidad!

    • Oh for the days of Nigel Benn & Chris Eubanks.