Floyd Mayweather’s Top 10 Best Knockout Finishes


    Floyd Mayweather vs. Edgar Ayala

    Four months into his professional career, Mayweather was on the hunt for his fourth victory when he took on the debuting Edgar Ayala.

    Ayala proved to be another lamb to the slaughter, but the way Mayweather finished him early in the second round was undeniably spectacular, with a counter left hook taking his foe clean off his feet, before landing flat on his back in a daze, with no chance of recovering in time to continue fighting.

    • Murderous1

      The best is yet to come when they throw the Irish flag in the ring in round 8 dead tired from missing and taking unnecessary punishment from straight right hands as the haters pay 100 dollars to get their feelings hurt

    • HeteroFriendly

      Coldcocking that dude who Floyd was paying himself while he was trying to give him a wonderful hug like they were progressive life partners HAS to be #1.

      If Floyd needs to make some more money to pay back the IRS after this he should just head down to Fire Island and hire that guy for a rematch.

      Make it a trilogy.
      How many times is that guy willing to get coldcocked to finally give Floyd a hug and show his appreciation.