Floyd Mayweather Actually ‘Formed Voltron’ Around Conor McGregor In Brooklyn


There were few true highlights to write home about at tonight’s third stop on the Mayweather vs. McGregor press conference world tour from Brooklyn, New York.

Fans were forced to wait two hours for either star athlete to show up, and when they did, the one-liners and trash talk just didn’t match up to yesterday’s electrifying Toronto presser, although it admittedly had an impossible bar set up for New York.

That didn’t mean there weren’t a few entertaining moments, such as when Mayweather showered McGregor in cash money and “The Notorious” addressing recent allegations of racism against him, but possibly the most oddball and out-of-the-blue moment when “Money” had his sizable entourage ‘form Voltron’ around McGregor.

If you don’t know what forming Voltron is (and if you’re used to having the interwebs your whole life, you probably don’t), it was an 80s cartoon show where large robots formed the limbs of a much greater whole to form a giant Super Robot called – you guessed it – “Voltron.”

Yep, Mayweather did that around Conor McGregor. In 2017. Check it out right here from MMA Junkie’s Chamatkar Sandhu right here:

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