Five Reasons UFC Ratings Are Tanking In 2017


    Champs Aren’t Fighting/Interim Titles:

    This dual reason explains itself cold and succinctly, as too many top-level champions simply haven’t defended their belts in 2017.

    Names like Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Cody Garbrandt, and Amanda Nunes have all been on the pine after winning massive fights in 2016, and it’s obviously hurt the company’s shrinking bottom line during their lackluster start to 2017. And it doesn’t help that other big names like Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Georges St-Pierre, and even Anderson Silva remain on the sidelines with their returns oft-teased but ultimately uncertain, as they could probably sell more pay-per-views on the strength of their names than all of the aforementioned champions other than McGregor.

    WME-IMG has been overcompensating by creating interim titles (or a women’s featherweight title) to headline events that need a legit headliner, but so far, this practice is not translating to box office numbers whatsoever.

    These are the secondary stars you simply need to have building views in between massive events featuring McGregor, but the UFC just hasn’t gotten them in the octagon this year for one reason or another. That just isn’t working without more champions fighting and building their respective brands. And with our next reason staring them in the face, they would be well served to do it.

    • Axiomatic

      I think this article is pretty much SPOT ON! Fighter pay is my big sore spot. I kind of want the WORST fighter in the UFC to still make a six figure salary. The NFL and NBA have no issue with that. Whats the UFC’s problem? Oh right, GREED. My other big beef, it’s not a SPORT anymore. Rankings don’t seem to mean anything. WWE-IME is all about the SPECTACLE and that’s a major turn-off (literally) for me. Get the UFC back to a SPORT. Make the weight classes mean something again, and fight within the weight classes, not outside of it. And directly to the fighters if any are reading. I want you to have more money, but that comes with responsibility. So fight closer to your “walk around” weight, and for fucks sake, stop making ridiculous RISKY weight cuts for meager fight pay. If that’s not 100% stupid I don’t know what is?

      • Allen Eltor

        yep, yep, yep, everything you said

      • Johnny Carcosa

        100% agree

    • Bill Wolf

      This article is on point. Everything is valid, especially the too-frequent events and the poor pay. Fighters are not happy any more, and that is catching.

      In addition to there being too many cards, there are too many cancelled fights. It’s hard to build stars with events like Ferguson v Nurmagomedov (cancelled) and Nunes v Shevchenko (cancelled).

    • Wabbit

      UFC overhyped individuals, who failed to live up to their billing, once they faced worthy opposition; they have shown disdain for the championship process and created chaos; allowing belt holders to determine scheduling.

      The decline of UFC appears attributable to Dana White’s “management” style. He is playing favorites with raucous prima donnas, while insulting established, genuinely viable fighters; some of whom are moving to Bellator, what a waste of talent.

    • what

      and bellator is way better, that’s why the ufc fighters are leaving……left and right ,they wanna fight not dance like in the ufc…..