Five Reasons Ronda Rousey Should Not Return To The Octagon


When Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm via second-round knockout at UFC 193, the world nearly stopped.

In order to right the ship, the mixed martial arts (MMA) universe is now calling for the queen’s return. After all, she’s the biggest pioneer in women’s MMA history and easily one of the most popular fighters the UFC has ever had.

But Rousey is more than just a cage combatant. She’s a model, actress, entrepreneur, ambassador, and social savant. She has built a brand around perfection, yet still maintains her international allure on the heels of her first, and only, professional loss.

At the age of 29, it seems as if a return for “Rowdy” is imminent. Several questions are justifiably present if she’s still hungry and still motivated, but there’s no doubt she still owns one of the best ground games in the UFC women’s bantamweight division.

But just because the recipe is there doesn’t mean the cake is going to come out golden brown. Rousey may have everything needed to forge a momentous comeback, but maybe there are more important things to fall back on to escape a life of brutality and overwhelming sacrifice.

And with the former champion who was never out of the spotlight now gone into hiding, you have to wonder if she really wants to come back. If she doesn’t, obviously there’s no reason to risk further physical and mental damage.

Let’s take a closer look at five reasons why Rousey should never step back in the Octagon.

  • Savage Maddox

    I disagree, I’ve been a Miesha fam for a while and I think she certainly has the tools to beat Ronda, not saying she definitely will but Miesha bringing her best in 2013 and Miesha bringing her best in the future is 2 completely different things

  • MeatCrusher

    She should quit because she has been exposed. DNB, as she would put it.

    • Mitt Zombie

      Just like she quit competitive Judo at age 20 after peaking at age 17. SHe even walked out of a teaching and training contract in Japan without telling anyone. Just took off back to the states to do drugs and live out of her car.

  • Juchi

    I disagree with almost every argument made in this article. Not in any order. Her future as an actress is seriously in question. How many movie roles has she been offered since losing? One of the ones she was offered, her role was substantially watered down. Most of the other pending ones have been delayed.

    With regards to money, how many fighters would pass up the opportunity to make 7 figures from 1 fight?

    You treat a fight w/Tate as a forgone conclusion, hence it’ll only generate modest interest. First, despite her being favored, the recent rash of upsets should make you well aware that there are no forgone conclusions. Secondly, I can assure you that her comeback fight, regardless of who it’s against, will be one of the most watched fights ever, not only by those hoping that she can make a comeback, but by those simply wondering if she can as well as those hoping to see her self–destruct again.

    Really, the only deciding factor in determining whether she should come back again is her state of mind. If she is unsure of the outcome and not willing to make the sacrifices that a successful comeback will require she should retire. Lord spare us a comeback along the lines of BJ Penn vs. Edgar III.

  • Bill Hardy

    Glass jaw.