Five Reasons Daniel Cormier Could Destroy Jon Jones At UFC 214


    4.) Motivation:

    Even though Jones has repeatedly said he’s refocused, reinvigorated, and rejuvenated in his many media appearances for all of his many scheduled rematches with Cormier, no matter how many times those clichés are uttered will amount to anything unless Jones finally shows up to the octagon and battles Cormier.

    Jones had the chance to do that and squandered it all to, in his team’s words, not disclose his use of Cialis on a pre-fight medical questionnaire, something that they appealed to USADA but were still handed a one-year suspension. That’s not the behavior of a fighter who is truly motivated to come back and face the consensus next-best fighter in his division, no matter what he says. It seems like if he was, he would make it happen no matter what, because it’s such a once-in-a-lifetime fight against an opponent whom you’ve not only beaten but is also quickly becoming one of the best fighters of all-time himself. Not to mention he’s missing some of the biggest paydays of his career, something that is concerning for a prizefighter.

    On the other hand, Cormier, while getting older and dealing with injuries himself, has been a picture of motivation despite being doubted and criticized at every turn. Even if you don’t necessarily like his personality on FOX Sports 1 or his at-times slow, smothering fighting style, the fact remains that “DC” is highly effective, and he’s also clearly highly motivated based on his nonstop schedule of facing the best fighters in the world.

    That’s something that Jones used to do better than any fighter in the world, but it’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen that version of “Bones” now.

    • Murderous1

      Anybody could do a lot of things but he will lose retire shut his corny @ss up get fat and still tuck his T-shirt in his gym shorts

    • Bill Wolf

      Daniel Cormier can win this fight. A twelve inch reach advantage is a lot, but staying in competition is also a lot.

    • Matthew Gearhart

      Going with D.C. on this one.

    • Johnny Carcosa

      I’m a big fan of DC. He’ s getting old, and it would be perfect for him to finally beat Bones. That being said, JJ is a different beast. If he fights in shape, I don’t think Daniel will beat him. But DC is very skilled, he got covered by the shadow of JJ, otherwise he could have been the greatest of his era. Somebody may dislike his fighting style, but man…it’s effective. Remember when he was throwing Josh Barnett like a toy. He’s impressive. JJ is even better than him. I don’t pick a side, just can’t wait to watch a great fight between two of the greatest fighters of our era.