Five Reasons Conor McGregor Is The UFC’s Next Anderson Silva


Now that Conor McGregor has won the interim UFC featherweight championship with a come-from-behind second TKO of Chad Mendes in the main event of last weekend’s (Sat., July 11, 2015) UFC 189 from Las Vegas, the Irish star has arrived as arguably the promotion’s biggest star aside from women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

It’s clear that the UFC has found their next top-notch pay-per-view (PPV) draw in ‘Notorious,’ who has connected with fans on a global level like few ever have before. The UFC obviously recognized it, and invested a ton of money to promote McGregor’s scheduled bout with longtime champ Jose Aldo before ‘Junior’ pulled out with an injured rib.

But that fight still looms large as quite possibly the biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) bout of all-time; one that will undoubtedly push the brash and confident McGregor to all-new heights of superstardom were he to win. After his bout with Mendes, it’s clear that he has some things to work on; yet there was another decorated champion who was more often than not bailed out by his flashy striking and cocky personality.

That man is none other than longtime middleweight champ Anderson Silva, and while his and McGregor’s careers may share some stark contrasts, they more often share some clear similarities that are impossible to deny.

Let’s take a look at five big reasons why ‘Notorious’ is the UFC’s next Silva, a top draw that fans will gladly fork over their hard-earned cash to see:

  • Randy Lahey

    Let’s see if he can get by Aldo and Edgar first here bub.

  • james

    Ah no they got to you too Mike? Just kidding. Good write up. I disagree a bit but a well written piece non the less.

    I think he gets beat by Edgar and Aldo but who knows he has exhibited the heart of a champion and has great focus.

    • Michael Drahota

      Lol thanks James, I’m not a big McGregor fan whatsoever but I can’t deny some of the similarities here.

      Has Conor done anything close to what Anderson did? No, not at all. At least not yet. But the start of their careers and some of their in-cage moves are similar.

      • james

        Thats what makes you a real journalist. You can see past your own bias. I agree with the article amd your comment. His striking technique is a thing of beauty and very fluid. Its his questionable ground game that make them different. Both have decent tdd but not great. Silva has proven he has good bjj.

        • Space

          How many times has Conor been put on his back in the UFC?

  • Eyes OnPies

    I need six reasons so I don’t believe you.

  • Superzorro

    Anderson’s twice the counter-striker, but looks a lot worse when he has to take the lead. But yeah, some of the similarities are there.

  • aNYagenda

    The next anderson.

    AKA, a bullishter acting tough against weak competition?

    Let me know when he beats Aldo.

    Or Mendes in a rematch without short notice.

    • MTNMAN

      don’t use that excuse for Mendes he wanted to fight thats on him .. full camp wouldnt do him much good take downs only thing, cant keep McGregor there it b same out come in the 3rd instead of the 2nd round .. for Aldo he wont do much except run

      • james

        He wanted the 500k. Pretty sure he knew there was a chance he would gas out. Camps make a huge difference or else nobody would pay the huge cost to do them.

  • leonaidis

    The Spiders movement was much better, but then again McG’s chin is much better. Never did I see Silva eat punches like McG does, but it’s still not a good idea to block with your chin. McG says he doesn’t feel the punches, but he should still learn to keep his hands up if he wants to be a legend like Silva one day. Can’t be eating punches like that and think it wont effect you at some point.

    • Todo Bale

      Anderson’s chin is legendary. The only reason he got slept by weidman is because time and age caught up to him and he got caught. The punch you don’t see coming is always the one that sleeps you. As you get older, your ability to absorb shots wanes too. But prime Anderson took huge bombs right on the chin from the likes of Hendo, Franklin, Sonnen, Bonnar and kept going like it was nothing. Amount of shots he absorbed from Sonnen in their first fight alone would have made 90% of other fighters wilt.

  • kendall dolese

    Give the man the credit he deserves. Joe Soto took on TJ on THE DAY of the event, Soto had absolutely no camp at all, and STILL toughed out 4 rounds. McGregor exhausted Mendes by utilizing great accuracy in his body shots, you could see that those shots changed Mendes’ style and composure really quick. Do you really think Mendes, who boasts that he keeps fit all year round, would’ve gassed that fast against anyone else? Quit making excuses for the man, McGregor won that fair and square. Not even to mention McGregor didn’t do one round of wrestling practice leading up to this fight, according to his wrestling coach. He mostly was doing physical therapy because of his knee.

  • robson winkelmann

    Conor is Shit nigga

  • Richierichierich

    That could be the most stupid article I ever read. I mean It was closer to 17-20 than 19-19 when he “KOed” Mendes at three seconds left in the by far fastest call off by Herb..