Biggest Takeaways From Blockbuster UFC 217

Noah K. Murray for USA TODAY Sports

4. The Unpredictability Of MMA

Who would have thought that three champions would be dethroned in one night? Especially Jędrzejczyk and Garbrandt, who had an iron grip on their respective weight classes.

UFC 217 is one of those painful reminders that nothing is a given in this sport and that a sizable betting favorite is not a seal of guarantee for victory.

For those who bet on UFC 217, unless you had a parlay with Namajunas, Dillashaw, and GSP winning, you probably would have lost a lot of cash.

Nothing is sacred or constant in MMA. Just when we’ve gotten comfortable with a particular champion, an event like UFC 217 comes along and shatters that fragile comfortability.

  • HeteroFriendly

    “Unpredictability Of MMA”

    Out of all the of the predictions I read on the internet,
    NOBODY got all three right.

    Some people got GSP right, but not TJ.
    Some the other way around.
    I dont think anybody chose Rose.

    Some people seem to have unusual luck choosing winners (they didn’t get all three either), but its just unusual luck. Even they can’t explain in clear definition how they chose them. They might even get the winner right, but completely off about how they won.

    Theres just so many variables, not only in the traditional sense like boxing or something, but just by it being a mixed art.

    Rose didn’t even have any striking wins on her record before last night.

  • Jacob Schneble

    umm GSP lost the belt to matt sera .I know it’s a nitpick but come on lowkick you’re usually better then things like that .