Firas Zahabi: We’ll see if GSP still has the fire after two or three more fights


Georges St-Pierre has been in the news an alarming rate as of late, and he’s stated repeatedly that being around the media begins to wear on him. He knows it’s all part of being a high-profile UFC Champion.

However, news comes this week that GSP might not continue this rigorous schedule for much longer. His head trainer Firas Zahabi spoke up to Sherdog Radio about the situation:

“His training camps are not sustainable forever. His training camps are very difficult. I’ve done a lot of training camps. I could tell you the energy, time and money and hours spent doing a GSP training camp is ridiculous.”

“It’s borderline insane. There’s a lot of effort going into preparing him for his fights.”

“Can he live this lifestyle for another four or five years? I don’t know. Because it’s not a balanced lifestyle. It’s not a balanced lifestyle for him.”

Not surprising words from Zahabi, who toils long hours to help make GSP one of the world’s most well-rounded athletes. There’s no doubt it takes a huge toll on GSP and everyone involved.

There are a few top-notch UFC Welterweights who are looking to become champion at 170, and GSP knows Johny Hendricks deserves a shot at the belt. Demian Maia and Jake Ellenberger also come to mind. If and when GSP does fight these top-ranked opponents, who knows where he is headed after that? Zahabi is unsure himself, and continued on:

“He’s going to have to make that choice one fight at a time. Does he want to go through another training camp? Right now at this time, yes, for sure. There’s no doubt in my mind he wants to do another one.”

“But down the line, two or three more training camps, is he still going to want to do it? That’s up to him. Does he still have the fire and the passion? We’ll see.”

Georges St-Pierre is one of the best fighters to ever step into an MMA arena. The notion that he has cleaned out the 170 lb. division is long past, with fighters seemingly coming out of the woodwork to call him out for a title shot.

However, the preparation for these bouts is long, intense, expensive, and draining. Some believe there’s much more left for Georges St-Pierre to prove, others may believe his career is an impressive body of work where it stands.

Will St-Pierre call it a career after a few more fights against top opposition? He can obviously still dominate some of the world’s finest fighters, silencing the critics by handily destroying both Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz.

Still, others thought he tired late against Diaz and may be losing his edge on the competition. Will it be GSP’s time sooner than later, or will he continue to beat the world’s best with more one-sided wins?

  • I don't blame GSP for getting tired or losing the fire soon as he clearly has went through every though opponent, and the funny part is each one of his competitors knows what hes going to do but yet no one has been close to even stop him. Just further proof of how great of a fighter he really is but i also am on the fence with his current stack of decision wins, though sill enjoyable but PEOPLE WANT A FINISH GSP lol YOUR STILL THE **** THO

    • hahaha… he will go to sleep the next fight, i mean johny hendrix fought carlos condit with a broken hand and still win, I mean carlos gave a lot of trouble to gsp.

      • Baby, the fact you have no idea what you're talking about, proves you're just a little kid, so I won't insult you like I would the avg uneducated fools. Hendricks DID NOT have a broken hand vs. Condit, you should do some research b4 you post a comment. Hendricks thought it was broken b/c Condit wasn't KO'd, but as strange as it is, Hendricks just injured his hand in an MMA fight …. weird I know!

        Hendricks said he didn't even go to the hospital b/c the swelling went down so much the next day. Also, the only way Hendricks KO's gSP, is if he does it in the 1st round, b/c Hendricks was pretty tired after the 1st round vs. Condit. Not to mention if Hendricks doesn't KO his opponent in the 1st round, he barely wins the decision. Hendricks only has 1 KO outside the 1st round & the rest are decision wins if I'm not mistaken.

        Ugh did you even watch the Condit vs. GSP fight?!? Condit gave Hendricks a lot more trouble than he did to GSP, I know the fights are past your bed time, but why make stupid comments that people know aren't true?!? Condit IMHO beat Hendricks, b/c Hendricks didn't do anything with 12 takedowns, no passed guard, no sub attempts, no side control no mounts NOTHING. Condit would just get up after Hendricks took him down & kept pressing forward, when Hendricks was in "danger", especially against the cage he'd take Condit down, then Condit would get back up & move forward. Hendricks won the 1st round, but Condit did more damage & was way more active on the ground, even after being taken down 12 times. He got up 12 times as well, with relative ease.

        GSP dominated Condit for about 23 mins, the only "moment" Condit had, was the nice head kick in the 3rd, but GSP got up 30 secs later & dominated the remainder of the fight. Not bad for his 1st fight in 19 months & after having ACL surgery. What was Hendricks excuse for getting tired after the 1st round & doing absolutely nothing with 12 takedowns?!? Nice try kid, but stick to cartoons!

  • Really ? i have to watch a video ad to read an article?
    i'm gone for a few weeks only to return to see that Anton is gone, I return to a site that wants me to watch videos so they can make money ?
    I don't think so!

  • I would hate to see him go but he certainly deserves whatever he wants with his record. I am always hoping for the day he will lose and he may get away with no more losses if he retires I appreciate his abilities and presence in the UFC and hope he does what ever he wants. I just feel all this stuff coming out lately is confirming no GSP vs Silva match. No probs though as he is certainly one of the top guys ever in the UFC.

  • I find it tough to dislike the guy despite his last several fights that leave you sitting there contemplating, was that what I just dumped $50 on?

    His dedication towards the sport, and the fact that hes been an ambassador for many young athletes leaves little question as to what a champion should act like.

    I personally would like to see GSP go through Hendricks, Mia, and possibly Ellenberger before he hangs them up. I doubt he would fight AS or the Kelowna product McDonald; however, I could see him hanging up the gloves for a year and making a return to silence critics once again.

    • @ Kevin

      Ditto all or most of that…

  • It is a sad truth that there is a big downside of being that much better than all of your opponents.

    It's almost impossible to stay motivated if you run through everyone, it was even happening to Anderson Silva until his first fight with Chael and since that razor-close fight he has the fire back.

    I thought Condit's headkick would've done the same thing to GSP but maybe he needs a real war or even a loss to get some of that old energy back… luckily his next opponent, Johny Hendricks, may have what GSP's career is in need of

  • Should GSP lose to Hendricks…he'll stick around to try and get it back, but only if he were to do it in an immediate re-match. Should that happen and he lose again, GSP is gone. He'd retire. I do not see GSP having the interest in climbing his way back into contention, after two consecutive title fight losses. It's just not going to happen. Concordantly, I believe Dana would more than likely suggest retirement or down right ask, for it.

    Should GSP beat Hendricks….as he would seek only one more fight after a loss, a re-match, I believe that he will seek only one more fight after victory and maybe not even that, for I believe it would be incumbent on him facing Maia. I really don't think GSP would be interested in fighting Ellenberger, not if the thought is he'd retire after the fight. Jake is yet another power wrestler and Rush has seen a lot of those, so he has nothing to prove there and there's no bad blood or back-story between he and Jake and, coming off of a victory over Big Rig…ah, just not a lot of interest, there, I wouldn't think. Also, as there is very little to gain and a great deal to lose by fighting Ellenberger, again, I think he'd pass.

    No, if there is a fight past Hendricks it will be Maia and for good reason. He's a top-shelf fighter, on a roll, a big name, a new face and serious challenge. That fight would make sense.

    Concluding – GSP's next two and last fights @ 170 will be either….Hendricks, Hendricks or Hendricks, Maia. Short of injuries and such, I really don't see how it could break any other way.

    • GSP vs. Hendricks; Condit vs. MacDonald; Maia vs. Diaz. You're welcome.

      • @ Mind

        I'm welcome for what? I don't see what your pairings have to do with this post or what i wrote.

        The article was about GSP's future and questions regarding his possible retirement. The article was not about Condit / MacDonald or Maia / Diaz.

        And given that Condit and Diaz are on two fight losing streaks and MacDonald and Maia on four and three fight winning streaks, respectively, how could even possible come up with these pairings in the first place?

        Please let us know if you have any thoughts on how BJ Penn works into the mix.

        • I don't care what the article was about, believe me, I couldn't give two sh*ts. To answer your unnecessarily rhetorical question, just for the hell of it- BJ is not in the mix at all. Ellenberger/Lawlor is an exciting match-up as well. Are you really disputing that Condit and Diaz are not at the top and keeping the WW rich because of consecutive decision L's on their record? LOL. GSP gets W's and yet disappoints many a fan. What gives?

          • Dude, I really do not get what you are babbling on about. You've lost me.

            And thanks for let us all know that Penn is not in the mix. However and to be honest, if you had to note that, as if no one else knew that Penn wasn't in the mix @ 170 or even 155 and that you missed the point, that the remark was rooted in sarcasm, then I apologize for being to subtle.

          • No as*hole, I got the sarcasm, you couldn't possibly be witty enough to be "too" subtle for me. Check your spelling as well. Read my line "To answer your unnecessarily rhetorical question, just for the hell of it…" It's on you for bringing BJ Penn up in a lame attempt of a snide remark. I was only talking about actual WW contenders and that seemed to have offended your quite frankly *disturbing* sense of entitlement. I find it in very bad taste that if you have an intellectual problem with somebody that you begin to claim they are babbling or ranting in a way that completely 'lost' you. Poor you, MMA Truth, that you have to stoop to a common pleb's level in order to spread your wisdom around this forum…

          • @ Mind-Less

            Oh, now you got the sarcasm…sure. Check my spelling? What are you the Spelling Police? Tell me, do you run around the website correcting everyone's spelling? Are you sitting on this thread claiming that your posts and I mean every post Mind-Less, is "error free". You make me laugh. You're a funny, little man.

            Oh and given that we are going to be exacting, could you please explain to the thread how a rhetorical question, can be "unnecessarily", so? Like your bogus Welter Weight match-ups, it makes no sense.

            Again, you say you got the sarcasm, yet your rose to the bait on the Penn reference. Given that you did, I fail to see how you got the "joke". As I could have picked any former 170 WW, Matt Hughes for example, the joke was not at Penn's expense. Subsequently, the joke could note be snide.

            Offend me? You couldn't offend me if you tried. You're not bright enough.

            Entitlement? How do you deduce a sense of entitlement from me, by me posting my thoughts on Mike Drahota's article and then (by me) replying to your pro-active reply, to my post? Did I ask you to reply?

            Further, you ended your stupidity with saying "you're welcome". Yet, I never asked you for anything. So, why would I owe you a welcome? Seems to me you're the one who suffers not only from a sense of entitlement, but to an overbearing ego.

            Tell me Mind-Less, why did you post your ridiculous WW match-ups as a reply to my post, as opposed to simply posting on your own? As it had nothing to do with any of my comments, I fail to understand why you'd feel the need to reply to me with your MMA ignorance.

            You find it in bad taste…LOL! Truly, do you think I care? Do you think anyone on this website cares what you think is and is not, in bad taste? Who are you, the Good Taste Commission? Your sense of entitlement grows, Mind-Less.

            First, you were the Spelling Police and now you're the Good Taste Commission. My, my, you're entitled. Tell us Mind-Less, have you gone out and made yourself your very own, LowKick ID Badge and do you put it on every time you log-in? Are you wearing it, now?

            Beyond that, the rest of that next section is so poorly written as to be unintelligible. Perhaps you might wish to re-write it and re-submit. I promise, I shall review it fairly.

            My Stooping – don't sweat it. If I have to dumb something down for your prosaic self, then I can do so. Odd, you'd refer to it as my wisdom. I've never thought of it that way. To me, it's just me voicing my opinions, just like every other member on this site, regardless of whether they be plebeian or patrician.

            However and with that said, if you to call, refer or think of my posts as "wisdom" and you take benefit from it, which I can only surmise that you do, otherwise, why would you call it wisdom, then who am I to argue with you?

            For that Mind-Less, I say "thank you", for the "…"welcome" you've already extended.

  • He is 31…And Nobody wants to lose. I do see guys not caring about Ls though. Like when Nick gets almost a quarter Mill to show up. Would you be THAT mad after a loss????

    • @ Chris

      Surely Nick was paid more than 250 grand. My guess is, with the PPV gate, Nick must have taken home well over a million dollars, for the the fight.

  • i won't miss him

    • I'm sure he won't miss you or you not buying his fights, b/c he has over 1 million who will do that for him. Also, we won't miss you or miss your pointless comments if you were to retire form this web site!!! No seriously, go train UFC man, then you could show us & especially GSP how to be a stud like you. The fact you wouldn't miss the most talented over all fighter in MMA today, pproves how uneducated you really are. But I would have guessed that by just reading your name ….. keep training UFC man, then after that you might be ready to train for MMA.