Firas Zahabi Squashes GSP Retirement Talk, Calls 167 Camp Best In Years


Georges St-Pierre will look to make the ninth consecutive defence of his undisputed UFC Welterweight tile at UFC 167, as he squares off against surging contender Johny Hendricks. Much of the talk surrounding this fight has been centred on Bigg Rigg’s chances of beating the long time 170lb. boss.

More recently the rumour mill has churned out stories of GSP’s retirement after 167, win or lose. They stemmed from an article in a Canadian sports presser, where St-Pierre’s manager Firas Zahabi claimed that the Champion would retire after his fight against Hendricks.

It seems that Zahabi’s words may have been taken out of context, as he points out during a conversation with, what he meant was that St-Pierre would retire the moment he loses motivation for training.

He also said that the camp that GSP has had ahead of 167 has been his best in years. Seemingly dispelling one of the biggest rumours in recent times, Zahabi clarified the point:

“GSP has always that said if he loses the drive to really go through with a great training camp and push himself, then he will retire,” Zahabi said through Helwani. “GSP’s camp has been his best in years, last two not so great, because he was so rusty because of the knee injury.”

So it may not be time for GSP to hang up the gloves just yet, but what if he loses against Hendricks. Furthermore, he stands a chance of getting knocked out against a power puncher like Bigg Rigg.

I’m not sure whether it would be easier to retire on a huge win streak or after a brutal loss. The choice is either build up an unbeatable legacy in the sport, or have what you already built up smashed to the ground by suffering losses in the twilight of your career.

  • Deductios of GSP retireing were bs, especially if he loses, he might lose and that is the only might here….and even that is a very small window of possibility.

    • Agreed Purinho, so far they've been game plan masters with GSP. Jackson and him are all about nullifying their opponents strengths. I know it's boring to a lot of fans, but GSP is always active, and the more aggressive his opponents, the more active GSP is.

  • damn Ariel got a fat nose

    • He's one smart Lebanese.