Firas Zahabi claims Georges St. Pierre was sick just prior to bout with Nick Diaz


Without creating any excuses, it seems that there was a logical explanation for Georges St. Pierre’s visual fatigue and fairly consistent glances at the clock in the later rounds of the fight.

According to head trainer and good friend Firas Zahabi, the Welterweight Champion was in the beginning stages of developing some sort of sickness and had produced somewhat of a fever and uneasy feeling in the final moments leading up to the inevitable confrontation in the octagon.

Zahabi, who was recently a guest on The MMA Hour had the following to say regarding the sickness:

“He was sick, you know. He had a bit of the start of a fever. He was a bit warm. But, what are you going to do? You’re not always going to have a perfect fight, you know? Everybody is a little injured, everybody is a bit busted up. He wasn’t sick enough to pull the plug on the fight, but he did have the start of the fever. He was warm and he was feeling a little uneasy. He was feeling a little sick.”

This would make sense considering the fact that most fans had observed Georges beginning to slow down, possibly showing signs of age or decline.

It figures that Georges wasn’t completely on, as it would be difficult to think that a fighter would begin to decline at such a young age. If anything Georges has improved with every fight, continuing to round out his game and strategy more and more with every new opponent and challenge.

And who knows, if this claim is accurate, while this theory is completely speculative, it’s very possible that Georges could have been even more dominant, pushed the pace further, harder, longer and possibly even attained that elusive finish he has been soo strongly desiring and repeatedly promising over and over.

  • bla bla bla bla.. -.-

    • Moe moe moe..
      Finnish a fight for once.
      He is UFC's most tactical fighter; thus he wins his fights.
      the Entertainment level is really low. This is what the fans want and this is what is expected if you want to leave behind a P4P legacy.

      I can see him winning a fight against Anderson (if ever gonna happen), just because he and his trainers will make a game plan which he will perfectly implement.

      GSP = Effective yet boring.

      All for new scoring system in MMA.

    • how would you know if GSP was warm? he must've touched GSP…

  • I saw two separate interviews where GSP was eating pizza–during the interview.

    When asked he said he was feeling sick and he needed to eat something.

    That would explain his slowing down from the third round–not aging, as some commentators have opined.

    But GSP did not make a big deal out of it–he knows better. In MMA, there is no such a thing as a reason for a bad performance–only an excuse.

    • I agree. Dunno if you read the entire article, but I stated that it must be the reason for him gassing a little more than usual.

      And you're right, MMA Fighting and a few others were mentioning in their articles that it seems age was starting to catch up to him. I knew it was BS. There's no way a 30-31 year old is declining.

    • @Codemaster,

      "in MMA, there is no such a thing as a reason for a bad performance–only an excuse".

      This statement makes me question whether you have ever trained MMA…

      having a fever is a legitimate reason for a poor performance.

      Having a badly bruised foot from kicking someones knee or elbow is a good reason and not an excuse, knee, rotator cuff, rib and wrist injuries are also legitimate reasons.for a poor performance as they reduce ones options and create the need to work with a different fight strategy and consequently different tactics.

      Theory and practice are different, does that make sense?

  • IMO GSP should of told the crowd to shower Diaz with mucus & piss while he walk his disrespectful azz back to his dressing room.

  • Jordan scored 63 with the flu!!!

    • I think it was 38 points against the Jazz.

      • Jordan would have scored 52 that night if he was feeling well and 98% of statistics are wrong… Seriously there is so much information missing for your argument to hold weight.

        For instance, according to Michael Jordan, how many times in his career did he underperform as a result of injury or illness.

  • Oh…thank god, now that I know, it explains the reason why he only took a decision instead of sub or k.o.. damn that flu.

  • I was just starting to wonder why Georges didn't finish Nick off like he has done in his past few fights.

  • If we A / B the Condit and Diaz fights, there is obviously something wrong. Against Condit, The Champ looked fresh and robust. Against Diaz and as the fight progressed he looked tired and sluggish.

    As the fights were (literally) only 4 months apart, the logical explanation for GSP's lethargy in the bout would be flu, not aging. Yet, even with an off-night he and flu, if indeed that's what it was, he completely dominated Diaz and was never in any (real) trouble.

    The hypothetical for GSP fans becomes, would Rush have dominated Diaz or finished Diaz, had he been without the flu? Sadly, we will never know and sadly we will have to accept, yet again, another worker-bee decision. Personally, I was disappointed in the lack of finish. However, if The Champ was truly under-the-weather, which is what his performance suggested and what Firas states as being the case, then I / we / the fans can / need to accept the fact @ face-value.

    However, given GSP's next opponent (Hendricks) I don't think he'll have the leeway of a sub-par performance. Johnny is a tough, tough, dude and he brings a lot of power. He's a real threat to taking The Champs belt. Rush had better show up with more than he showed in The Diaz fight and personally, as a fan, I'll be happy if GSP gets out of that fight with a decision win, The Belt and the his legacy and win streak, in tact.

    As to Diaz, The UFC isn't StrikeForce and it's beginning to show. He's 1& 2, with the one victory coming at the expense of a retired / not-retired, natural 155'er. He has already dropped to the 6 spot in the rankings and with no easy opponents in front of him, he could easily drop further in the rankings, if not out of them all together. Nick can ill-afford to lose his next bout. The match-ups which would make the most sense for Diaz would be either Kampmann or Koscheck, both of whom are coming off of losses. Of the two, I think Kampmann would be the better fight for the Stockton Bad Boy. I believe he'd have better chance of a victory over The Hitman, the he would over KOS.

  • I wonder how many of those criticising GSP for lack of finishes have ever won a MMA fight. EVER. Further still, how many UFC wins do they have? Further still how many UFC title fights have they had AND WON?

    Right now the WW division is mega stacked. I personally thought Condit won the fight and Hendrick's done SFA with his takedowns and was outclassed standing but even so Hendrick's has the power to finish anyone and will have 25 minutes to land on GSP so is a dangerous opponent for GSP. I also think his style and size could cause problems for GSP as he doesn't leave himself open to be taken down but GSP will beat him to the punch consistently and only has to avoid the big shots for another dominant victory.

    I guess if it is another decision win the usual haters will be condemning GSP for a lack of finish yet I don't hear anyone complaining Condit failed to finish Diaz, Hendricks or GSP in his last 3 fights.

    Perhaps, I use the word lightly knowing lowkick mentality, you should consider that the upper echelons of the WW division has brilliant fighters that are extremely tough to finish for all fighters. What GSP does is dominate and I for one have no qualms with his failure to finish guys. Winning round after round against such tough competition is stand out.

    You could put GSP in a weak division and he'd get many more finishes but against such high calibre opposition it isn't easy. SO stop hating and get a life. You'll never be GSP so get over it.

    Now go ahead and weak me bitches.

    • @ azz

      God help this sport, if the fans are required to actually be in The UFC to have an opinion a fighter, fighters, fights or any aspect of The Promotion. If that becomes the criteria then the sport is dead.

      Fans put down hard earned money and in even harder times, to enjoy their sport. Part of that experience and part of what they buy with money, is a right to have an opinion, criticize and even criticize fighters they not only like, but love. There is nothing wrong in that and there's certainly nothing wrong with it, if it's done respectfully. Which most do.

      And most give Rush credit for the credit for the level of fight GSP has faced and the length of both win streak and tenure as Champion. That aside, fans scratch their heads at all the decisions and wonder (more) what can be done about it, as complain about it, even if that's not exactly how it always comes across.

      However, more to the point, even GSP himself has commented about the issue and saying, that he wants to finish more fights. If The Champ can comment, cannot his fans, of which I am firmly one, do the same?

      Fans pay good money to follow their sport and they are entitled to their respectful opinions. It's all part of the fun.

      For the record, I didn't weak you. I "cooled" you.

  • MMA folk are a sensitive bunch or to be blunt a bunch of bitches at times. All I've seen is a quote with a bit of conjecture cloaked as content from the writer of this article and that's enough get ''34 poors'' because any mention of a ''potential excuse'' is always greeted with this alpha male nonsense from fans who probably call in sick for work if they get the flu or haven't been in a fight in their lives or seen the inside of the gym for years if at all.