Bellator-Will Fightmaster Prove More Popular Than TUF 18?


On Wednesday June 19, Spike TV will be premiering Fightmaster Bellator, headlined by 32 up and coming fighters and four world class MMA coaches including Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, Greg Jackson and Joe Warren.  

The model will be completely different to the Ultimate Fighter Series, allowing individual fighters to choose their own coach and select opponents. One of the fighters to be competing on the series is former UFC fighter Joe Riggs who boasts victories ove Kendall Grove, Joe Doerksen, Chris Lytle,Nick Diaz, and Phil Baroni. In 2003, Riggs was one of three men to defeat current MMA referee Herb Dean (2-3 record), often recognised as the best referee in the business. There are also some promising up and coming fighters with unblemished records to keep an eye on, including Christiano Souza 6-0, and Nick Barnes (6-0).

The UFC will also be launching The Ultimate Fighter 18 on Sept. 4, coached by Rhonda Rousey and Challenger Cat Zingano. UFC president Dana White has said that this will be a historic and groundbreaking event with the first-ever women coaches, and men and women training and living together.  It will also be launched on the new Fox Sports 1 network.

As a fight fan, which reality series are you most looking forward to?

  • Probably because TUF 18 is going to ****, mark my words.

    • That's "SVCK".

      • man I don’t understand way the ufc still makes that show its not what it use to be get over it tuf was a great commercial for the mma/ufc your not gunna gain more fans that way anymore. Plus the look for good personalities and stupid **** like that I would say a lot of great fighters have soacil anxity these fighter don’t want to be on tv like that.. zuffa has strikeforce make a tournaments out of that and the winner gets a ufc contracted this show is a waste of time and money im not saying its always been that way it was a great show that came out with alot of good fighters but thats not happening anymore get over it give us more fights

    • Maybe the girls can breathe some life into the show.

      The…"Let's get trashed, falling down drunk and take some swings @ one another and maybe bounce someone's head of the cement patio, while trying to escape an arm-bar"…episode, which happens every season might be interesting to watch.

      Hey, I wonder what the female equivalent of the "Vinny Magalhaes Spunk Sandwich" is?

  • Jacksons face is a bit annoying. It's like he's there when nobody wants him there and he's like there just to make them all mad.

    • he always has that face he is a pretty smug fellow

  • i'll check out both, but my interest in TUF has continued to decline. The added storylines and drama of reality tv isn't necessary for me to enjoy MMA. i don't even think i watch any other reality tv shows, just not my thing

    • The only change to TUF this year will be the ladies. We haven't really witnessed how these girls train, attitudes etc…

      I'm hanging out to see both and am just wondering whether we will see a female version of Junie browning, Chris leben and Josh Koscheck in the house

      • @ Enjoy

        A female version of Junie Browning…LOL!!!

        Too funny, man.

  • When TUF first started I never missed it. This past season I gave it (virtually) a complete pass, with the exception of Uriah Hall's fights. From what little I did watch, it looked boring. John Jones and (that version of) Chael Sonnen do / did not make for compelling TV viewing.

    Regarding their next season, I'll tune back in to see if the addition of female fights into the house makes a difference to the show. My belief is that it will.

    In terms of SPIKE's show, I shall check that out as well and If it's good I'll watch. It will be nice to have another MMA program on the air, regardless of which promotion puts it on. All I ask is that they be more entertaining than what I've seen on TUF over the past few seasons.

    Either way, in a world of BS reality TV shows and franchises such as "The Real Housewives Of…" more MMA shows is always better. As far as coaches go, I'd love to see Nick Diaz on TUF.

  • To be honest. I think it's time to scrap the TUF format. The house is a pressure cooker. Their basically strip of anything to entertain them. Not even books or a ipod. Which gives us ratings. However, I wonder how they would do if they came in from their own camps.

    TUF 20 I think should change. I rather see a 45 min prime time spotlight and then a fight. Then seeing fighters do things on camera they regret. I mean how much more to tristar is there? But i am interested in the small places in Ohio or Missouri etc where its not known for MMA but you have guys reppin' their hometowns and chasing their dream. I want to hear their stories. Meet their coaches. Give us a reason to care about them and watch their journey that way.

    If i wanted to see jack ***. I would see jack ***.