Fighters Sound Off On McGregor/Malignaggi Knockdown Video


The footage of the sparring session between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and retired two-time boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi has finally been released thanks to UFC President Dana White releasing two clips on his Instagram account. One of the clips includes the footage of what Malignaggi adamantly claimed was a “push down.”

When the footage was released online, social media went crazy with it. Here is how some of the pros in the MMA world, as well as Malignaggi, reacted to the latest installment of the hype for the boxing bout between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

The biggest fight of the year is set to go down on August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout will air on pay-per-view and is expected to be the most lucrative prize fight of all time.

  • deepgrim

    Well if the footage seen in the video (not the knock down one) were from the last 2 rounds then conor has better stamina than people think and paulie seemed a bit unsteady on his feet, either very tired or ate a few good shots?

    • Sidiez

      He is retired… not in the middle of a fight camp. To me it does look like a knockdown BUT im just saying it makes perfect sense as to why his stamina isnt there.

    • JamesC

      Not really. This is all bad for Connor. He looks horrible releasing the video. The push/shove could go either way. The part where he beat on Paulie its obvious you are looking at a guy in the middle of training camp vs a tired sparring partner just off of a plane. When I look at Connor and what he is doing boxing wise…in the words of GSP…I am not impressed by his performance. But it will impress the casual fan enough to think Connor has a chance which is good for everyones pocket.

      • JamesC

        In the words of Nick Diaz…”they are selling wolf tickets”. Anyone who really thinks about this fight would know that it has the potential to be very boring and very one sided. The exact fight that nobody buys. People have it all wrong. When Floyd wins it will be the kiss of death to boxing. People are going to be like “they did it again” they sold me a line of crap and I spent lots of money on a bad fight. If connor wins. Every MMA fighter will want to cross over and it creates alot of potential boxing matches. Connor vs Canelo. Joshua vs Miocic, Connor vs Paullie

        • Superzorro

          No one smart thinks that McGregor can win. That’s not why this video is buzzing right now. It’s buzzing because Paulie went on record saying that he would be able to beat Conor with one hand tied behind his back, his chin strapped at a high angle and with ankle weights on. In this interview, he said that the cameraman vs. McGregor would be more competitive than Paulie vs. McGregor.

          No matter how the other ten rounds went, or the previous session (which he’s gone on record saying Conor won), Paulie was dead wrong. And even with none of that considered. There is no way an 0-0 fighter should look like this against a two time world champion. Or at least that’s what all of the boxing experts said when Paulie’s entrance into Conor’s camp was announced.

      • deepgrim

        What i am seeing is some one who is completely unorthodox to a traditional boxer, he strikes with his hands low, not good for his defence but offensively the shots are coming from different angles than floyd would be used to seeing. And he looks to have the same accuracy he is known for in mma. I think he will land shots on floyd, but he will leave himself open to be tagged a lot more too, floyd could knock him out, there will be more opportunity. The knockdown looked to me like paulie got a bit off balance and it didnt take much to put him down.

        • JamesC

          What I see is a retired and out of shape boxer who hasn’t trained intensely Fighting a decent young, strong, in camp, in top shape fighter.

          Nothing to see here. This is what it would look like if Floyd didn’t train and was out of shape. Then yes…it would be competitive.

          Keep in mind cardio makes cowards of e everyone. Would like to se it when Pauline was fresh. He could barely move in what i see