Fight Journal: Daniel Cormier’s Road to Strikeforce Finale


Daniel Cormier will step inside the Strikeforce cage for the last time in his Mixed Martial Arts career, with sights on new challenges in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Cormier will be facing the Dutch MMA veteran Dion Staring, who’s currently on an impressive win streak of his own.

This video gives a great insight on Cormier’s mentality and his goals as a fighter, and traditionally for any content involving DC – more praise for the UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

  • Cormier..class act.

  • Daniel Cormier's Road:

    Well, it's more like a freeway in a big city. I deduce that is roughly four lanes wide in both directions and separated by a large meridian, which is made of cement encased, reinforce rebar.

    The road is patrolled by one cop (Cormier) and he drives a hybrid vehicle, which is part tractor trailer, bulldozer, crane, wrecking ball and dump truck. The vehicle has no reverse. The officer has a gun rack in the vehicle, which sports a Spas 12 gauge and he likes to use it on all and any, who traverse his road. All who have illegally traveled upon his road have died. By his hand and at the muzzle of that shotgun.

    Do not travel on that road unless you are his "friend", at which point the cop will probably find a road less traveled. However, the road less traveled has a similar officer.