Fernando Vargas says Nick Diaz said no to bout, says Vitor Belfort best hands in MMA


Fernando Vargas says that Nick Diaz did not want bout with him, says that he is a big fan of MMA and feels that Vitor Belfort has the best hands in the sport.


Video provided by Fight Hub TV

  • Hahahahahaha.

    Nick got offered a UFC contract, and Dana nixed the bout.

    Fernando hasn't been relevant in years, and would have gotten destroyed by Nick.

  • This is




  • Seriously now, I agree with him about Belfort

  • Nick Diaz was right to say no to a fight with him. Not up to his level

  • He licks his lips too much. It's annoying. Particularly with the camera all zoomed in on him. Note to camera man, you don't need to be that close. This is not a Hollywood movie.

  • Tell that to Silvas foot

    • he was talking about hands!

  • Typical boxer slating mma boxing. if you stick with one discipline your going to master it, but mma guys learn every style of fighting. James Toney learned that!
    in a boxing match diaz would eventually lose but in an mma match diaz would win easily!