Fedor Emelianenko has officially retired from Mixed Martial Arts


Russian mixed martial arts legend Fedor Emelianenko has announced his retirement after knocking out Brazilian veteran Pedro Rizzo earlier today in St. Petersburg.

Emelianenko finished the Brazilian veteran Pedro Rizzo in a mere 44 seconds.

The Last Emperor had this to say after his victory: “I think it’s time. I’m retiring from sports. I still have the SAMBO World Championships. My family is the reason I will not be fighting again. My daughters are growing without their father, so it’s the right time to leave.”

Emelianenko went undefeated for almost a decade until his loss to Fabricio Werdum in June 2010 and was adamant about his decision:  “There’s no ‘fantastic’ offer that could tempt me out of retirement. I’m not obsessed with rematching Fabricio Werdum. There’s no agreement for such a fight, therefore there’s nothing to talk about.”

Fedor’s retirement signifies the end of an era. Now that he has formally walked away from a legendary career the Last Emperor can devote his time to being a father to his children. We wish him nothing but the best.

  • My favourite fighter of all time. No fighter will ever match aggression with humility as he did. The greatest ambassador the sport has ever seen. God bless.

  • “There’s no ‘fantastic’ offer that could tempt me out of retirement,, cough dana

  • I have since 2004

  • Spasibo!

  • Fedor goes out on a win, not too many fighters can say that.

  • Damn 🙁
    loved to watch him fight, most humble but dangerous MMA fighter ever imo.

  • Hate to see the old guys fade out. One of my favorite fighters ever. Hope he is remembered for all the great fights he has put on instead of the recent hate for him not making it to the UFC. He always stepped up to the challenge. I can’t prove anything but I believe the guy did it all natural. In a world where everyone is trying to gain an advantage, I saw him as just a regular guy and came as he was. I will always have a ton of respect for Fedor.

  • Too bad his management wrecked the end of his career.

  • GOAT – vai com Deus.

  • M-1 gangsta told me to post that he no longers loves Fedor and his new favourite fighter is Chael Sonnen -who also has healing powers.

  • Wow. Will go down as one of the originals but the last emperor, one of the greatest of all time and a model of what every mixed martial artist should aim to be equaled to.

    Only regret is that he never fought in the UFC and it will stain his legacy, no matter how great it is.

    War Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko!

  • I would have loved to have seen him fight in the UFC. I know he said what he said and it seems sincere, but always remember…”Never say never in the fight game”

  • There is no better reason to retire than to raise your children. You will not be forgotten

  • I’m pretty sure he arm barred god in an exhibition match.

  • NOOOOOOOO! Oh well. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  • the GOAT..fedor emelianenko. a true legend both in and out of the ring

  • Too bad the last part of his career will be seen by all as “the greatest fighter to never compete with the best fighters”. That seriously taints his legacy.

  • well said !

    Fedor not joining the UFC only had one conseqence, it damaged Dana’s pride because he wanted Fedor so bad. Soon after, the hate campaign begun from the dana camp.

    Consider this, one of the greatest fighters of the UFC is the hall of famer Chuck Liddell. Chuck has a record of 21-8-0. In his last six fights he was savagely knocked out by Frankin, Rua, Evans,Rampage. He only managed to win one fight in his last six by decision against wanderlie. I think chuck was a great fighter however people need to stop being brainwashed by Dana in his hate for Fedor and start thinking for themselves. If people are hung up on Fedor’s very few losses to the end of his career then they should run the comb over the other fighters.

  • He still goes down as one of the BEST. When people have 28 win streaks I will consider them one of the best.

    Good Luck to you Fedor. I don’t care that you went to the UFC. Kind of glad, it ruined Dana White and tarnished his legacy as a owner and a poor promoter.

    You are the last of a dying breed of men who cherish being around your children and raising them.

    Take some time off and then reconsider coming out of retirement, if you don’t you the G.O.A.T in my book.

  • Against Rizzo? Look at the guys record…. http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Pedro-Rizzo-208 real proud moment for Fedor to end his career on. LOL

  • 100% agree… at least someone else see through the smoke and mirrors.

  • 🙁

  • he still has the SAMBO championships. another good significant title would be awesome. wish him luck!

  • Today Im wearing black clothes, I went into mourning since I read the sad news.

    I will never see Mighty FEDOR fight again ,even if I knew he woul retire , Im so sad. 🙁

  • UFC is shit! just hype and promotions because they have money to make noise…that’s it!! good fighters are everywhere you go!!

  • Well if there are good fighters everywhere why did Fedor fight someone no way near his level?

    UFC has the biggest and best rster in the history of MMA and I jus wish Fedor was part of that.

    Maybe that’s why Fedor is so popular, he is never just a part of a roster or something, where he goes he usually is the roster.

  • I really wanted him to fight one last time
    either vs Randy Couture or Big Nog
    imagine Fedor vs Randy the clash of the 2 biggest
    legends in the sport fighting their last fights

    a retirement fight for both legends
    that PPV would it been sky high!

    either Randy or at least Big Nog.

    Still im honor to say that i discover MMA and live
    in the time of a titan name Fedor!

  • yeah Rizzo has less losses than Sonnen…..so whats your point Hatch ?

  • Just remember that all the lay n pray artists in the ufc today wouldn’t have stood a chance in Fedors day….soccer kicks stomps and knees to the head of grounded opponents were allowed ….I hear people saying mma has evolved …the fighters of yesterday are now irrelevant and wouldn’t have been able to compete in today’s competitions even in there prime….if feel it is the other way around the rules have changed and this has allowed skilled bjj practitioners relative safety off there back.
    Fedor in his prime was in my opinion the best heavyweight of all time and I have enjoyed watching his career through the years ….three cheers for Fedor…

  • Yeah, “good” fighters are everywhere you go. THE BEST fighters make it to the UFC.


  • Hats off to a great legend and ambassador to the sport. Good luck in future endeavors, Fedor.

  • “Never say never in the fight game”

    The old school fighters like Randy and Mark Coleman are definetly testament to that.

  • A truly living legend…he will remain as the face of MMA!
    I wish that he as special farewell call out Dana White in break all his bones in first round…so they can retire togheter…!

  • Why? So he could lose and delay his retirement? He needed a can to go out with a win- that’s the reality.

  • Cro cop summed him up best for me when talking about staredowns.

    “When you stare at Wanderlei you think I might get hurt, When you stare at Fedor you think I might die”

  • against Rizzo???? I mean a win is a win but the level of competition after his three straight losses were bums.. who cares if he went out with a win against Rizzo. Rizzo hasn’t fought in 2 years where he fought and won against Ken Shamrock.
    Im not tryin to knock Fedors accomplishments because he was the greatest heavyweight of his era. He was a true champion and had one of the most impressive win streaks in MMA history. All that being said still are you really impressed with him going out with a win over Rizzo or are you impressed with his 3 fight win streak he ended his career on? Monson, Ishii, and Rizzo.. Really come on Fedor.. I much would have rather seen him try to avenge one of his last 3 Losses (Werdum, Silva, or Hendo) for his last fight even if he was to lose again. And i get it those guys are all in UFC now so that would never happen. But i would give him way more respect for going out fighting 1 of those 3 or even Cormier or Barnett they are both still in Strikeforce and Both have 1 more fight on their Strikeforce contracts before moving to UFC. I don’t know maybe its just me but anyone of those guys i just mentioned would make more sense to me for a final fight win, lose, or draw. STILL LIKE I SAID BEFORE ALL YOU FEDOR WORSHIPERS WEAK ME AND TRY AND BASH ME.. HE IS 100% THE BEST HEAVYWEIGT OF HIS ERA!!!!! Just would of been nice to see him beat one of these new bloods coming up

  • He fought the machine (Dan White) and went out his way. He said what he said early in career and stuck to his guns. I have nothing but respect for the man. Good Luck MR. Emelianenko.

  • J23, he chose not to fight in the UFC.

  • @ Highlife – Dont you know the rules are there to favor wrestlers??? Come on…if it was to favor Bjj then kicking from guard would be allowed (elbows from top are allowed, does not make sense) or heels to the kidney from guard…dont be stupid…they know the money is in the US market and they need Wrestlersw to do well. BJJ needs time to work and progress from position of control to the next and we see that refs just stand people up if there is no action (punching)…what a joke.

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  • Hail the last emperor!

  • You’re a f*cking turd. I will not attempt talk sense to you.

  • You guys get to hung up on number Igor Vovchanchyn has the longest win streak in MMA, does that make him the greatest by your logic?

  • I honestly hope this isn’t the end for fedor even tho this is the end for him, one of the greatest fighters ever hands down.. the only people who dont believe that are delusional and dont realize the fact that you go unbeaten for 10 years even if some matches were circus acts fedor fought anyone they put against him and destroyed them i truly believe he has a very good chance of avenging all 3 losses that have scarred his legacy not for the ones who watched him in pride and know just how talented and unique Fedor is but for fans who just started watching the sport a year ago and believed Lesnar is “just too big to lose” like come on show some Fedor some respect whens the last time u seen a chubby russian man dominate a division and go unbeaten for 10 years? only once never again will a hw go undefeated for that long and btw i dont know wat u guys call a can nowadays but frank mir sure looked like one against jds im pretty sure fedor would be more then competitive STILL in the ufc lhw or hw divisions, Fedor fell hard off the top but people forget that he is still Fedor Emelianenko

  • show fedor*

  • fedor was never the baddest man on the planet. he got ko’ed by a ****ing old man henderson who is a middle weight! I am glad he is done. i hated watching freak show fights. And yes there was a time i was a fan i know everything there is to know about fedor. what made me dislike him is his constant lack of competition and his retarded fans that fed into to the hype……

  • Thaqnk god there are people like entity that actually realizes the facts about fedors career…His legacy is tainted and he never made it in the major leagues and was stopped 3 times in the ufc feeder show strikeforce.

  • i second that

  • You are a moron.

  • very sad for mma, but if it is his decision, all blessings for one of the greatest sportman of all time.I hope he regreat at some moment, adjust the game, and get back on the dancefloor. I never believed what Dana White and all ignorant tell us about him, true fighters know what Fedor did in the Sport , and what he mean.
    and paraphrasing mark-renton hail the last emperor!

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    isn’t night yet!!
    aun no es de noche!!!
    não é noite ainda