Fedor Emelianenko aims for the “United Russia” spot in Belgorod Regional Congress; Training camp Pictures


It looks like the number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Title Chael Sonnen (R) is not alone. According to M-1 Global’s press release, “The Last Emperor” will take part in the “United Russia” primaries, with sights on the Belgorod Regional Duma (Congress) spot in the upcoming elections.

The list includes fifty-eight candidates, why no less than 10,000 “United Russia” members will decide on who will take the top places in the party’s list for this year’s regional elections. The primaries are taking place until June 25th.

Despite his political venture, Fedor Emelianenko is still scheduled to square off against Fabricio Werdum at on June 26th at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. According to Strikeforce officials, WAMMA Heavyweight Title will not be on the line in that fight, which will determine who will challenge the Dutch Hitman Alistair Overeem for his recently defended Strikeforce Heavyweight Title.

Source: MixFight.ru

Pictures of Fedor Emelianenko‘s training camp for Fabricio Werdum:

  • i knew he was a comie haha

  • he trains with light sabers??? I know your secret comrad

  • Fedor is going to submit the submission expert you will see..
    then Alistar vs Fedor the biggest match in Strikeforce history

  • ahah checkout Fedor sporting all the modern clothing and high dollar sneakers now days. All his other videos of training look like hes in war torn 1943

  • Werdum is not an expert but I doubt he’ll submit him, it’s just Fedor beating up another mediocre douche to pad his stats. Strikeforce is a joke I doubt they’ll last long enough to make that fight happen…watching Fedor fight lately would be like watching Anderson fight TUF rejects…they dont matter

  • werdum is med douche?? u dont know much about mma do u?

  • why call him a douche, you can criticize their styles and accomplishments but not them as a person. i didnt even finish reading the rest of your post, grow up a bit before your next post

  • I can see Russia now….we got the badest HW this side of the planet in our political arena, so we must be the most powerful.

  • Sheeeeet man, those kicks are only worth about $45 and since the dollar is plummeting, he probably got them for about the same amount of rubles as a pack of condoms costs.

  • Why no title on the line?

  • stick to fighting

  • That s a good choice for Fedor I think !
    He has the skills to become a good politician !

    He can make people believe what he wants.

    He can even make people believe that he is still the current best fighter in the world !


  • Might be the beginning of the end to his MMA carrier, big news.

  • but he should fight Overeem before retirement.

  • Can you imagine his political approach “We do things my way or I armbar you”

  • If you didn’t know who he was you could easily think he was just an average guy, wrong dude 2 mess with in a bar thats 4 sure

  • why the hell would he do that his ****en managers must be telling him to do that. We need to get the Mexican mafia the Zetas involved in this and give his managers a pep talk.

  • Sonnen,Pacman,Fedor to be politician smart choice

  • With white lightsabers XD
    lul he must be a padawan.. I wonder what he would be like as a jedi master XD

  • NO , Im neutral (cause im french) but i think america is the best ! Because :

    you remember Rocky 4 with Stallone ?

    Drago the russian was a machine man ! He uses to destroy all his opponents ,just like Fedor. He even killed Apollo Creed in the ring.
    But Stallone could still kick Drago s ass at the end .
    Cause America always win against russia .

  • Just for the records, United Russia is all but pussy party.
    Any opponent can finish in a bag deep in the russian rivers.

  • And then after he beats Fabricio, will it be Fabricio getting the title shot like Rogers did after losing?

  • Yea, true, we got Brock & Carwin hahah

  • I can see it now BING!…Fedor comes out of his corner, hands up right foot forward takes small steps…..Brock comes bullrushing in throws one big right & gets a double leg takedown. In side control Brock destroys Fedor……Everyone then realizes Brock that goes to a whole new perspective. Carwins gona have his hands full.

  • while a silva fights much smaller fighters and sometimes loses, fedor fights bigger guys almost always and always wins. a silva should fight at his proper weight where he dont enjoy so much of a reach advantage travis lutter showed he is ordinary when he dont have massive reach advantage.

  • Just like brock gets title shot after losing debut.

  • From what I’ve read,, it looks like Fedor will officially RETIRE because of his political decision.

    He supposedly has 2 more fights on his StrikeForce contract and that’s it. He will fight Werdum and more than likely, one other CAN opponent and it’s away he goes. just like his Russian mob management played it.

    How much you want to bet that Overreem’s last impressive win and then calling Fedor out, helped in speeding up this retirement.

    Fedor’s management played out their golden goose as long as they could. Fedor hasn’t fought the worlds best in many many years but had everyone playing along calling him number 1.

    I personally like Fedor, his fight style and personality but to say he is the worlds best while fighting less than the best all these years, is a crock of sh*t.

  • He will take up politic’s and then say he can’t fight anymore…Or he will win the Strike force Tittle and retire. He will never come to the UFC , his legacy would be tarnished.

  • So tiresome…will one of the ‘experts’ here who keep saying Fedor’s no good ‘because he hasn’t fought the best’ please, please, please just name one hw who has fought more and better contenders the past 2 years? Like Mir is top seed? Not! Or Herring? Hardly. Couture? Puhlease.
    Here’s my 100,- on nobody coming up with a name…just the same bs again, and again,….ad nauseum.
    My prediction: Fedor will defeat Werdum, KO Overeem and then retire to politics. Smart guy.