Fallon Fox Loses By TKO Against Ashlee Evans-Smith At CFA 12


Transgender fighter Fallon Fox is often involved in heated debates by pretty much anyone who knows of her existence. A male to female sex change recipient, Fox started her pro MMA career with three straight finishes, two by KO and one by submission.

Truly a first for the MMA world, it was widely discussed whether or not it was fair to have a TG fighter in a woman’s league. Many people argued that superior strength, or muscle size would give her a natural advantage over her opponents.

UFC Heavyweight Matt Mitrione famously called Fox a sociopathic freak, and was soon after suspended by his employers over the tirade. Joe Rogan gave his ‘scientific’ opinion on Fox fighting in MMA, and just about anyone from any field of sport has given their two cents ever since.

Fox looked to continue her unbeaten streak at last night’s CFA 12 event, squaring off against unknown female fighter Ashlee Evans Smith. Things didn’t go as planned for Fox, as she was dominated throughout the fight and finished late on in the third round.

Smith had been landing with solid ground and pound all night, and capitalized from the mount position with a flurry of punches that caused the ref to step in.

What does this loss mean for Fallon Fox? Who knows, it might prove everyone wrong, and give her the opportunity to fight as an equal. Probably not, although I think it should. Then again I have seen plenty of female fighters kicking dude’s asses in my time.

Check out the highlights of the event, courtesy of AXS Fights, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Ivy

    What happened to the comments?

    • It was just a glitch man "matrix happens" sometimes
      At first I thought maybe it was my non-mean remark about she-man…damnnit I did it again!

  • Ivy

    "her"? DNA cannot be changed. You are born a man, no matter what kind of exterior alterations you make you are STILL a man. This kind of stuff is an abomination to GOD.

    • For those who don't believe in him, it's an abomination to the female fighters.
      Guess it goes to show how much the women have evolved in MMA.

      • Ivy

        Yea, because I'm sure you were a theologian with a PHd who did a thorough exegesis of the entire Bible before "deciding" to not believe in God, lol, give me a break.

        • WoW Ivy, I didnt say I didnt believe in him. I simply put your reply into a format that nonbelievers could stand behind as well.. Besides, if you want others to believe, you cant attack them, you have to have rational discussion or you become an enemy and they percieve all believers as enemies. Personally I do believe in God and I stand behind that.

      • wether you believe or not its an abomination in the sport. Just because he loses a fight doesn't mean it's fair. Just means they ****.

        • s u c k

          • Ivy

            Well, I order my list or priorities in what pleases God #1, what please MMA fans, umm…never.

          • I have no problem with that at all. Read my reply above good sir. But taking a hard stance against non believers doesnt get you very far my friend. If you intend to change one's mind, you must appeal to them, that's all I sayin man.

          • Ivy

            You have a good point. I didn't mean to take a hard stance, but rather point out that loyalty to God and loyalty to man are not in the same stratosphere.

          • I respect that and agree as a believer myself. I was just making a point that no matter what you believe it's wrong even as an athiest.

  • Cris Cyborg Santos, you are next, dude!