Faber on Alcantara: He Means Business When He Gets In There To Fight


Urijah Faber will step in to the octagon for the seventh time, when he faces off against Yuri Alcantara at UFC on FS1: Boston. In his 35th fight as a professional, Faber will be standing across the octagon from a very dangerous fighter.

Dangerous, as far as during the fight is concerned, but also a big threat to Faber’s clout. A loss to Alcantara could spell the beginning of the end to Faber’s illustrious career of fighting consistently top level guys.

Alcantara, on the other hand, has a lot to gain in this fight. Obviously extending his win streak to three would be great for Faber, but to have a name like Faber’s in the win column would be immensely positive for Yuri.

In the lead up to Saturday’s Bantamweight brawl, Faber has been speaking with MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant:

‘(Alcantara) has fought in bigger weight classes, he’s probably the biggest guy in the division right now. I think he has the most finishes too, half knockout and half submission.. I’m right up there with him……He’s dangerous and he means business when he gets in there to fight’

Its great to see that Faber isn’t overlooking Alcantara, we’ve seen that go so wrong for fighters in the past. Faber will likely be given another shot at the title when he returns, as long as he can keep a good win streak going while Dominator recovers and eventually faces Barao.

Faber then spoke about the title situation at BW:

‘I think (Cruz) deserves to comeback and be challenged right off the bat. I don’t think he should be stripped of the title, and I would expect the same, in the same situation.’

A level headed approach as he awaits his Saturday bout against a dangerous Alcantara (28-4). Check out the full interview and Faber’s pre fight workout below, and stay tuned for the live weigh ins tomorrow!

  • I hope he can win this fight as faber is becoming one of my favorites now and it's all because he takes on the best even if it's risky. Not many fighters do that anymore, they say they want the toughest guys but then look for the easiest way to a title shot. GO FABER!

  • Alcantara is a huge threat, plain and simple. Good thing that Faber recognizes that.

  • I really want Faber to win… one of my fav. fighters right now, he's a beast! He was always tough but in the past year he really transformed into a 3x better version of himself… Like all the Alpha Males for that matter…