Gegard Mousasi on his way to the UFC?


Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi revealed in his latest interview that he is not interested anymore in having any business with M-1 Global. Mousasi stated that he appreciates everything M-1 Global did for him, but it is time to move on. Those news may alert the UFC President Dana White, who is a keen admirer of Gegar Mousasi’s abilities:

“After careful consideration, I have decided that it is in my best interest to part ways with M-1 Global. During the time I spent under their wing, M-1 Global, as a promoter and management company, allowed me to achieve many great things. I appreciate all they have done for me. My management is being taken care of by someone close to me.”

The team that Mousasi left is the same team that handles Fedor Emelianenko, but there have been no signs or news yet regarding if Fedor is going to do the same thing.

Mousasi is the former Dream Middleweight Champion, Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion and the current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion.  He is on a 15 winning streak and consider by most to be one of the top 10 Light HW of the world.  Mousasi and Fedor would be a great addition to UFC.  This would fufill a lot of dream match ups and end some controvestry/trash talk, but with M-1 Global by their side it is unlikely they are going to compete in UFC with the way M-1 Global does buisness.

  • Its amazing how training with GSP opens doors to the UFC, and seeing how GSP has been taken care of must have had a big impact on Gegard. Im really not surprised though.

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  • nice move Mousasi now the lightheavyweight div is even more stacked but he should fight in the middleweight division too

  • lol your right. The kid would be a monster!!!

  • Mousasi vs Silva for the middleweight belt.
    Please make it happen.
    And fucck Maia. He didn’t do anything convincing to get the shot.

  • This guy is good… not at Shogun or Machida’s level yet though… good try

  • If he beats King Mo the UFC should pick him up if not let him stay with strikeforce, because i dont think King Mo can take the top LHW fighters in the UFC.

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  • If he loses to Mo i hope Dana want bring him, if he cant take Mo he cant take most of the LHW fighters in the UFC

  • Wtf are you talkin about they wouldnt have ever fought, I really dont think Gegrard was interested in fighting at HW and plus Fedor is overrated he fought the best in PRIDE but now those best of PRIDE arent doing good so get off of Fedors dick cause im pretty sure his wife is getting mad.

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  • There is no need for that if all the organizations are willing to have their top fighters fight each other, or simply not have contracts that make them 1 organizations lap dogs.

    It’s simple people if the UFC dies we will never have to wonder who is the best in the world ever again as they will all be able to fight each other. As it is now the UFC is holding a large part of the top fighters hostage and if you think that is a good thing I am not sure I can help you.

  • Good day for the UFC and Mousasi’s wallet but a sad sad day for the future of MMA.

  • It’s amazing how short sited people are on this site, you really think that Bill Gates monopoly on the PC has been good for anyone but Bill Gates?

    Seriously the situation in MMA is EXACTLY the same, power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

    Okay so we might get to see Mousasi fight Silva, Shogun or Machida but and that will be a great fight sure, but at what cost.