ESPN Sports Science Examines The Reach Of Jon Jones


Jon Jones will step up to the plate for his seventh title defense at UFC 172, and will enjoy the height and reach advantage over the Brazilian contender Glover Teixeira. What Jones lacks in the power department, in comparison to Teixeira, he makes up for by using the angles and distances to his advantage.

Teixeira’s primary weapon against ‘Bones’ is the heavy-hands he possesses, and his grappling could stifle the ground attacks of the taller man. There is a chance that this fight could be fought entirely on the feet, and if so, who will have the advantage there? Power is one thing, but hitting the target could prove crucial for GT in this fight.

Jones will look to catch Teixeira coming in, and will want to avoid a war at all costs. His 84.5 inch reach will play a huge part in the outcome of this fight; either it will be used to win the day, or will be got around and exploited by G-Tex. ESPN’s Sports Science examined Jones’ reach in the video above, check it out and stay tuned to!

  • A lot of people say it should be measured at the arm pit but they fail to realize that broad shoulders mean a longer reach as well when throwing a punch as when the body twists with the punch those broad shoulders reach further than narrow ones.

  • Misleading.